Tsolen: Didn't want too

After hours of searching I really didn't turn up anything, I knew an easier way to find them but I wasn't all to keen to practice something I haven't practiced since the immortals left.  I kept randomly searhing until I finally decided I'm too lazy to take forever.  I draw a small ancient chinese symbol of search, and magic on the ground . I guess the only way to describe this as immortal magic. The Zodiacs and gods had it but didn't need to draw symbols and such. 

The symbols begin to slightly glow and make small sputtering sounds until an image of the town appeared.  Under the image I write Zodiac, ancient books.  It begins to zoom in on exactly where I sit then begins to travel through a few blocks and streets to a large house but takes off one more time to a forested destination.  after that the symbols reappear.

" That wasn't hard." I mutter then stand up , I feel a small drain in energy, I felt ashamed at myself If the gods still held tests about wether to keep you as an immortal I would fail before I get in the door.  

I got back on track on what my aims of today where. So they in the richer residental areas, and I think one is on a walk that must be the forested area which was closer than the house.  I took off to the rooftops and began my speed travel  into the forest.   I thought I was being quite professional until one of the branches I was stepping on snapped , and I fell to the ground , but with a quick adjustments I land and roll it off. 

" Definetly not a proffesional anymore." I mutter to myself then look to my left to there was a girl

I could definetly see that she was a Zodiac , and to add to that a Zodiac that was crying and probably wanted to be left alone. I stealthily jump back up through the trees and continue on to the large house. Where I finally find myself at a loss should I just barge in , or should I knock and go yo imma immortal hows it hanging? Well thats what an Idiot would do.  Maybe I should go back and say hi to that girl I passed. Since randomly appearing wasn't going to work.I turn around and this time instead of crashing into the ground I lightly appear in front of the girl.

" Hey, are you ok?"



The End

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