Keesa: Gone

"I have to get back to Keesa and don't talk about today. She'll make a fuss about it." Tears welled up in my eyes. He made it sound like I was just a nuisance to him.

The tears were trickling down my hot cheeks. My body still ached but it was bearable. I have had enough with this entire situation! Yes, i was extremely grateful that Viper had saved us, and being back with him was great. But Ashley had just crossed the line, MY line. I heard Viper walking up the stairs one floor below, I panicked. He couldn't see me crying or he would know I overheard. But I didn't want to see him, it hurt to remember the words he had spoken moments ago. In a split decision I decided that if he had more fun with Ashley, he could STAY with her. I lunged for the window, and flung myself out. The trees from below reached all the way up to my window. I landed on a branch without a scratch or wobble. I ran down the branch out to the trunk, I jumped branch to branch with ease and agility. When i landed on the ground, tears were flowing from my eyes, blurring my vision. I ran as fast as I could away from that horrible place. Viper came to my mind, his smile, his laugh, and his eyes. No! I had to keep him from my mind. Ashley, the one i expected to help us, to save us, had pushed my last nerve. I hated her, I was revolted by her. I knew she didn't do anything to me but I still hated her.

My legs were burning, but I had to keep running. My eyes were pretty much filled with water, they went from their grass color to a clouded green. I stopped running. I realized didn't know where I was, I couldn't recognize any of the scenery around me. I sat down at the trunk of a huge, towering tree, and cried. I cried because I was sad about what had happened, I cried about how I was lost, but mainely I cried because I had left without a word to anyone not even Viper. That hurt the worst, and I was now paying for it. I heard someone speak, no one, I simply brushed it off as my imagination. I had to stop crying, I needed to find water and food. I heard a stream not too far off, my guess was that it had fish. Yummy. I stumbled to my feet and followed my ear, not to long after, I found the stream. I gathered some supplies from the ground and attempted to fish. No luck. I had a bad feeling something was watching me. I turned my head to see a cat staring at me.                                                                                           (FLASHBACK)                      Sky had taught me about the monsterous cat Vladimir. She had said "He's nearly impossible to kill. Everytime you think he dies, he reincarnates himself into a smaller cat. He then mutates himself back into the giant he is. Stay away from any cats in that cursed forest you love to play in."                                                                                             "Hey, are you ok?" I looked up.

The End

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