Ash: Soaring

I walked back into the room where Viper and Keesa were sleeping. I thought about how they would make a cute couple and all, but part of me. . .  I guess i was jealous, but i wasn't sure. I sat on the bed that was across from me and I stared at them. I just couldn't keep my mind of them, and i know this sounds cheesy. A girl falls in love with a guy that has a girl that already loves him. I took one last look and decided to go back outside and look at the beautiful sky. I walked out and sat on the ledge of the wooden plank. I saw Skylar sit here and I bet if this could hold, then it could hold me, cause Sky was heavier than me, but most of it's muscle. I decided to lay down. . . Staring at the stars that were begining to fade with dawn light coming in. I layed there for a couple of seconds and closed my eyes. The breeze was blowing across me and I felt as though i was floating. "GAH!" I screamed "Put me down!" I stared at Viper, who was smiling.

"Haha, chill, he said calmly "I won't let you fall," he said this as he slowly flowed to me, "just stretch out your arms and close your eyes."

"I'm scared of heights!" I said closing my eyes. I opened them up just a bit and saw Viper right in front of me. . . I gasped and turned red. He chuckled and reached for my arms. He extem=nded them and looked at me.

"Now close your eyes and imagine yourself flying through the air." I laughed and commented,

"Well, I sorta am, but okay." I breathed in and out and finally closed my eyes and pretended I was a bird. I felt the wind ruch upon my face and felt the wind ruching through my clothes. Then I dared to open my eyes and there it was. " Oh. My. God, I said as I soared through the air. My adrenaline rose as I did,"Haha," I laughed. I closed my eyes and then opened them again, and this time I saw a pond. This was amazing! I was flying! I saw the birds pass by me, I saw a bear walk with her cubs down below. I saw the sun begin to rise, but i suddenly stopped.

"Haha, now wasn't that fun?" Viper smiled and took my hand as we flew back.

"You did that?!" I said shocked "Whats your ability?"

"I can control gravity," He smirked as we landed back on the porch, " I can control how much gravity is used." He smiled and gave me a small nod to the house.

"Oh, thats cool." I tried to walk back but my legs were wobbly and I almost fell, until Viper came up behind me and held me by the waist. I blushed and looked down while saying "Sorry, i guess i'm not used to flying around."

"Haha, yeah that happens. Here i'll carry you back, he smiled "as long as your lighter than sky, then it's all good." He laughed as if he was remembering things.

"I swear that girl may be pretty but she's probably heavier than I am with all that muscle." I looked at him and smiled.

"I bet." He lifted me up and I put my arms around his neck. He took me back to the dining room and brought me a glass of water and said "I have to get back to Keesa and don't talk about today. She'll make a fuss about it." He winked and started off to the room.

I walked back to my room Sky had given me, " I see. Viper hasn't treated anyone like that before," Sky said as she came up behind me and said "He rarely talks to Keesa that way, let alone some girl that he doesn't know that well," She thought "Thats interesting." And with that she walked back outside with her phone, getting ready to talk to someone on her phone.

I was sitting there, alone now, but I had my thoughts, so I don't think I was THAT alone. I thought about Viper. He WAS pretty cute, and really cool, everything a girl could want, but something felt wrong about him. Maybe he just wasnt the right one, but then I stopped my thoughts and decided to let fate decide what came next.

The End

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