Viper: Recovery

I woke up and saw Ashley, sitting on the bed looking over me. 


"Sky! I think Viper's waking up!", Ashley called, sounding excited. As Sky came over, she said,"Hey, you finally waking up, huh?"

Then Sky said, "Vipe, I called Criss, Kacey, and Alice. Those were the only people I could get a hold of. They'll be here as soon as they can. If your can here me, nod your head."

I then tried to sit up, except I felt the pain come back in a surge, though now it wasn't nearly as bad as before, I cringed involuntarily and Ash put her hand on my chest and pushed me back down, gently. 

"You should rest", Ashley said with a smile, "You've lost a lot of blood and you need your rest". Then she stared into my eyes, and I felt a... I don't know what I felt, it was like when I was with Keesa, but slightly different still- and then she shook her head and looked away. She smiled again and said, "All you had to do was nod your head." I took her hand and held it briefly, it was very warm, but I could still  sense fear and pain, but it was far off, and seemed to have occurred a while ago, then I put her hand back down and then I lay down with my hands under my head.

"Hmm, I heard, "What?" Keesa got up slowly and in that moment, I was so relieved that she was okay, but then again she was very strong, and it didn't surprise me too much. Skylar ran to her, but Ashley stayed and then I just smiled at her.

. . . .

Later that evening, I got up, but I was still weak(being half-zodiac, I recovered fairly quickly). I tried not to think about the dream I had, and the encounter with Vladimire, but I my mind slowly drifted back to it. I thought about the powers that the warrior had used, and then my own, and then what I did back on the path, where I shot a tree trunk at him. I slowly tried to test my powers, there was a water bottle on the desk and I extended my hand toward it, and then concentrated- it floated off the table. Next, I made it float towards me, by creating a very specific gravitational field, in my hand that corresponded directly with the field in the bottle, and this time, it shot into my hand. Okay... that was a recap of what I could already do... I took a drink from the bottle and then set it back down on the desk, but I took the cap and held it in my hand. Now, let's try to push it, this time I tried to utilize the reverse-gravity that I had used earlier, and I sent the cap flying towards the wall, but I pulled it back, I didn't want to disturb the rest of the people, and then tried again, and again. It appears that by tinkering with the gravity in all objects (most were too small to be felt, but I could sense them all) I could create two forces, a pull and a repel. The importance of this, was that now everything could be done in two ways, to levitate the bottle, I could either pull it up, or push it up from below, by making a repulsion between in and the desk, but generally, creating a repulsion required more effort.

I practiced for a while, but then I got tired, and put the cap back on the bottle, and then, I calmed myself down, and slowly fell back to sleep. The last thing I saw was Keesa sleeping on the other bed...

. . . .

Geez, there was a lot of commotion and I woke up again, but this time it looked like Keesa had come round. She slowly got to her feet, and Ashley helped her over to me, but I saw a look come to Keesa's eyes for just a flash, it was annoyance, and perhaps jealousy? When she got to me, I embraced her, and said,"You don't look too good," I said with a small grin. As I held her, I told her how scared I was for here, and how happy that I was that she was okay. She responded the same way, and eventually, she fell asleep in my arms, and I too, slowly but surely, eventually fell asleep for this night...

The End

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