Keesa: Awaken

My eyes fluttered open, even the slightest of light hurt. My whole body was in pain. Viper! Where was I? Where was he? I had to find him, hopefully alive. I started to sit up, in a second Sky was standing right in front of me, I could tell that she couldn't make up her mind on whether to slap me or hug me. But she decided to give me a lecture on how we should watch how far we were going and how we could have gotten killed. I zoned out. I looked across the room to the other bed, I saw Viper, and Ashley. I suddenly had a wave of hatred pass through me, I realized I hated her. Sky had given up lecturing me, and left us three alone. I started getting up, Viper saw me and sat up. My right leg was shaky, then i switched to my left. I was on the ground. I heard Viper rush to get up, but it was Ashley that came. She started to help me up, but I turned my head and gave her a hateful look. She continued to help me up, she started shakily walking me over to Viper on my one good leg, he was watching my every move. I was greeted with open arms and a warm smile.                                                                                                        

  "You don't look too good." He grinned. We both had cuts and bruises all on our arms and faces. He was hugging me and telling me he was so scared for me, I told him I had felt the same way. I eventually dozed off in Vipers arms, I was quite content to stay there. After a while I heard his breathing slow, and he was asleep.

The End

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