Tsolen: Forgotten Immortal.

The rather bad bumpy ride on the buse ended and I ran out of it like it was evil. Nextime I'm speed traveling. I think to myself. As I grab my large hiking bag from the belly of the bus. By speed traveling I mean running and jumping at highspeed through the terrain. Unhuman strength was another gift given to an immortal , and I quite enjoyed but I could hardly show it off because the modern dayed people would freak and think I some sorta god, or worse put me in a lab.  So most of the time I practiced it in the dead of night.

Once I had got everything set I took one deep breath of the air of this town and noticed many things. Lots of zodiacs where here , and the books. Well thats why I came here trouble is brewing a trouble that I haven't met in a while. It reminded me of the times when many of the immortals where still here. Yeah they left when the gods offered us a life on the other side. I refused to leave so I was buried by the sands of time forgotten probably by the Zodiac childern and humans. 

I took off to a hotel and paid cash for the next few nights , after that I began my own little investigation on the town to see where everything was taking place.

The End

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