Ash: The Connection

I stared over at the ashes... I didn't know what they were, but I knew they weren't safe to leave here, "Hey sky? You think we should bring the ashes back? Just in case some people come here and find all the blood?" I asked.

"No one comes here. This is sacred territory, but I think we need to take it back and examine what's left of that creature, but for now..." she looked at Viper and Keesa, "We have to take care of them. Here," she tossed me a jar and some gloves, "Don't touch the ashes with your bare hands. My fire is potent... to anyone."

I caught the jar and put the gloves on. I quickly ran to the place of the battle and gathered all that I could fit in the jar and ran back, finding the dragon that had taken me here. I climbed onto the back of the animal and held on to the scales and the jar. Sky had Keesa and Viper on her back with me, but I knew they would be safe there.

We arrived at a little stream and Sky motioned for me to climb off. She set the two unconscious beings on the ground and changed back to her human form, "You take Keesa. She's the lightest of the two," she said as she picked up Viper.

I didn't argue the statement at the time because I knew that it wouldn't be a good idea. I lifted Keesa up off the ground, finally noticing her beauty and everything. I followed Sky for a bit, but then she stopped. She set Viper down on the ground, once again, but this time I knew why she did it. His body was being lifted into the air by thin strings that I could hardly see. Sky motioned for me to do the same, and I followed her instructions with ease. I saw them being lifted up, and then I couldn't see them anymore!

"It's an invisible shield. It protects this place and it keeps it safe and hidden," she explained as if she could read my thoughts.

"Oh... so how do we get up there?" I asked.

"Simple. Just stand here, by me, and we'll be lifted up like they were." she said as I walked to her, "Viper made this with his ability. I'm not sure what he does, but he made it," she smiled at me and I smiled back.

I looked down as we were being levitated up wanting to see what it would look like from above. As the 'elevator' stopped I glanced from side to side, and just stood there saying, "Oh. My. God." I looked at the trees that had green leaves on them and the moon that was shining bright above us. The scene was so amazing that It seemed so unbelievable.

"Come on," Sky urged, "Viper needs us in there," she started walking to the little house that stood there in the middle of no where. She pulled out her phone and called a number.

I walked into the house and found that it was way bigger than what it seemed to be. I saw Viper laying on the bed and I saw Keesa lying on another bed, on the other side. I walked to Viper and sat on the bed. I brushed the hair from his face and got a good look at him. I thought about my boyfriend back at home. We didn't talk too much and I was planning to break-up with him, but I never got the chance to. I tilted my head a bit and saw that his eyes were opening and closing.

"Sky! I think Viper's waking up!" I think I sounded a bit too excited because Sky just gave me a look and headed my way. I looked back at Viper and smiled.

"Hey," I said, "You finally waking up, huh?" I said as Sky stood by me.

"Vipe, I called Criss, Kacey and Alice. Those were the only people I could get a hold of. They'll be here as soon as they can. If you can hear me, just nod your head," he didn't say anything, for a while, but then he started to sit up.

He cringed and I sort of moved with him. I laid my hand on his chest to lay him back down, but he just stared at me and then stared at my hand that was on him, "You should rest," I said with a smile, "You've lost a lot of blood and you need to rest," I stared into his blue eyes and swore I got lost in them, but then I shook my head and mocked, "All you had to do was nod your head." I gave him a look and he smiled and took my had and held it and then put it down on the bed. He settled back into bed, and laid there with his hands now under his head.

"Hmmm," we heard, "What?" Keesa got up slowly and Sky ran to her, but I stayed. I stared at his eyes and wanted so badly to get lost in them, and then I did. He just stared back and smiled a charming smile, and I smiled back and wished that I could relive this moment forever... and I don't really know why.

The End

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