Skylar: The Pain

The next morning was just what I feared. Ashley had been in pain and mumbling words that I couldn’t understand. She kept screaming and holding her arm. I finally understood after a few minutes that it wasn’t coming from her. She whimpered.
“Oh, Ashley, I need you to try to calm down,” I needed to find out whose pain it really was.

Her arm twitched and I knew she couldn’t control it on her own. I ran to my bag that I had brought with me in case of an emergency like this.

I pulled out an amulet that had been given to me when I was young. It possessed the power for you to see what others where seeing. I had heard of another just like it except you could only feel the pain of others.

I checked Ashley’s neck but there was no sign of an amulet necklace so I checked her wrist and ankle. Sure enough there was an amulet of a smaller size dangling off her charm bracelet.

I quickly slid it off of her wrist, knowing it wouldn’t stop the pain it had started, and held it in my hand as I put on my own amulet. I used Ashley’s to get the signal of what had been going on.

Once I saw the vision of viper I knew what was going on. I knew it wouldn’t be long until something unbearable happened, so I tried my best to bring the constant visions to the back of my head so I could think. I caught eye of ash, still in the corner trying hard to keep from screaming.

I rushed back to my bag and safely put the amulets in a charmed box. Once we get far enough the pain and visions will seize.

I ran quickly out the door, dragging ash behind me. She could barley stumble long side me and I knew I had to act fast. I flung ash on my back and ran through the streets slowly taking my dragon form. If it hadn’t been raining I would have been slowed down by oncoming cars and pedestrians.

Once I was airborne I headed to the only place I knew to go. The dark valley.

It only exists in the mind but at the same time in real life. When you enter the valley you must be sure to get out before your trapped there forever. This third world was the only place I knew Vladimir had lived. Trapped for years, trying to get his revenge.

He had been stuck there and somehow got a hold of one of the books and is trying to escape.

I could hear the groans of pain from ash become softer. As I kept gliding through the rain, I could see a large cloud of black fog. I knew it was our destination and slowed down as we got closer to the ground.

When I finally landed, I could see Ashley hop of and feel myself turning back to my human form. I caught glance of Vladimir on the ground covered in blood and hoped that Ashley would not notice the horrid beast.

I kept running until o saw viper carrying keesa in his arms. His body weak and hers was limp in his arms. I ran faster and faster until I got a hold of the two before they fell to the ground.

I knew we were safe now but we still needed to get out. I forced myself to use my relief and turn it into adrenaline. I had learned to do this from the original animals of the zodiac, more specific Ashley’s real mom and dad. I could feel the blood pump faster through my veins and I began to transform again.

Laying flat on the ground, Ashley helped viper and keesa onto my back. As soon as ash got up on my back I was off. We flew through the sky. Mystic trees trying to tangle themselves to us. I made it past the valley and through the rest of the fog.

It was finally over. Or at least so I thought.

The End

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