Viper: Old Scars


I sensed him first, but I didn't know where, and then I saw the monstrous cat, Vladimire; the only one of the original animals that didn't become a zodiac for competing in the race. He was originally like the rest of us, except he got tricked out of the race, by the original rat. Soon after, he was corrupted, (as the 13 animals were immensely powerful beings), all of that hatred changing him into a monster, a demon. Now, as all this was running through my head when I first saw him, but not when he hit me with his arm and threw me about 30 feet away into a tree, and then I saw him grab Keesa and throw her into a tree as well. 

The pain was incredible at first, but right before collision, I had created a slight reverse-gravity field to lessen the actual impact. Then it slowly faded and I got up and ran at him, knowing that all I had was fangs, and my powers, but I never really tried to fight with them before; all I knew about fighting with them was what I saw in my dream. 

Vladimire picked up Keesa and threw her again into a tree, and I yelled, "KEESA!" but she appeared to have gone unconscious. I focused all my rage on my powers and tried to crush him to the ground as I had seen the warrior do in my dream.

Vladimire didn't even seem to notice at first, but then he staggered to his knees as I intensified it-I was concentrating so hard on it, and seeing Keesa on the ground over there made me try that much harder. 

He staggered over to me- How on earth was he that strong? I was crushing the trees next to him, but all it was doing was slow him down. He got right in front of me and grabbed me, crushing the breath out of my lungs, and pinned me to the ground, with his huge hands. The monstrous claws that were sticking out of them had all grazed me, being as thin as I was, but I was still pinned down, and so I did the only thing I could, I bit him. 

I poured all my venom into his hand, and he screamed in agony, and once again I was thrown into a tree, but now I was in control of the situation, and above all myself, all I felt was the joy of battle, it once had disgusted me, and perhaps it may again later, but for now, I embraced it. My venom may not have been enough to kill him, but the killing intent inside of it and my anger made it that much more potent. Next I saw that the tree that my body had broke, had a rather nice and sharp point where it was once connected to the stump. 

The screaming from Vladimire was now seriously messing with my concentration, but it made me happy to see that the demon was now in pain, after he had hurt my Keesa. I levitated the tree and somehow I blasted the tree at him. The sharp end impaled him and he was forced back into a cliff, but he staggered to his feet again, still yelling in agony and swearing at me.  His claws shot out another 3 feet, reminding me vaguely of the X-Men: Origins movie I had seen with Keesa, and he ran at me, but he was hindered slightly by the tree that was sticking out of his stomach. 

Blood was pouring out of him like a river, staining the ground and making it soft, and it flowed everywhere. I knew that this was the end for him, but he still charged at me... Now I was starting to feel the collisions from the trees, and I couldn't move fast enough... He lifted his clawed hand to rip me to shreds, and then he exploded into flames. I realized that these were not the normal flames that most people see, because they were purple and blue- it was obviously for pure destruction, causing me to be sick just being near it- and then he was gone. All that was left of him was a large scorch mark, like a flower, a trail of blood following it, and a large portion of a tree trunk. 

I ran to Keesa, and I crouched over her yelling, "KEESA! KEESA! STAY WITH ME!" and then I picked her up and ran back towards the house, by that time Ashley and Skylar were running at me, and then I suddenly felt enormous pain...I realized that now that the battle was over, I would start feeling everything again because the adrenaline was leaving my system. Everything was going black... and things were once again slowing down... I felt myself being lifted up by Skylar, and the nothing...

The End

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