Keesa: Moonlight

I was so happy when Viper asked to go for a walk that night. All i could do was laugh to hide my excitment (not to mention i blushed a little bit). As i swiflty walked out of the room towards the coat closet, i vaguely heard a small sigh of relief from the kitchen. I smiled and grabbed my orange zip-up jacket from the hanger. I put it on and met Viper by the door. The secret didn't apply as long as I was with another clan member, so i was free to go where I pleased. Viper swung the back iron gate open and stepped aside as I walked through. I caught a glimpse of the shimmering moon through the tree line. It was full, just like he said it would be. I smiled to myself making sure it wasn't seen. We started down the path, it seemed more eeire and spooky at night rather that in the morning, but I was with Viper, he would always protect me.

"Hey Keesa. . " He started.


"Uh. . . well. . . never mind." He looked up at the stars.

"Viper? Are you ok? I mean you said you had a nightmare this morning and I wanted to know if you were ok."

"Oh! um, yeah i'm fine, it was just scary you know?" Even from here I could hear his heart picking up speed.

"Well it's good to know your ok." I smiled. We walked in silence for a little while just enjoying eachothers company.

The bushes rustled, then something went darting behind a tree. "Uh. . .Vip-" He was in front of me. I dont know if he could feel me trembling or not, but I was shaking all over.

"Keesa, stay behind me." His voice was serious. I nodded, that was the only thing I could come up with, my mouth didn't want to obey and say 'yes.' Something was behind me, I knew it. I was about to tell Viper when something shot out of the bushes, grabbed my arm and threw me a good twenty feet in the air before letting me come crashing down with a thud, Viper had gotten up from where he was smacked out of the way and was by my side. It grabbed me again, shoving Viper who was crouched down by me, sending him into a tree and tossed me like a ragdoll across the forest floor into a tree as well. Then the world spun in a furry of colors and angles, nothing. I didn't hear or see anything but i could feel the pain. I was unconcious and terrible pain consumed my left arm, my ribs, and right leg.


The End

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