Viper: Keesa

I sat at the table as Keesa started talking about about how Skylar was doing with this girl named Ashley. She didn't seem mean, just a little annoying and quite a bit arrogant, but I don't know for sure. The sun had gone down and the temperature was nice and cool, but not cold (I hate it when it's cold). I began to eat the slice of blueberry pie that Keesa had left me. 

"Umm... Keesa? I asked nervously, "Do you want to go out for a walk later on tonight? I'm pretty sure tonight is going to be a full moon and I was just..."

"Hahaha" she laughed as she cut me off, "Sure, let me go grab a jacket." She smiled at me and walked to her room.

I've known Keesa for a really long time and we've probably gone to a billion places together in this lifetime, but I never knew why I sticked with her. I've searched for answers and I've asked people for advice, but no one could tell me the answer, they just laugh and say "everyone goes through that stage". But I've been waiting about 50 years! I've always wanted to ask her about this feeling, but I was always too scared that she was going to laugh at me and think that I was an idiot. I swore to myself that I would ask her tonight and finally get my question answered. Also, this was a good way to get my mind off this morning's nightmare...

The End

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