Alice: Connection

I turned to the mirror, my eyes, although bright silver my pupils weren’t the same as others. They were slits, horizontal slits. My hair, I spiked it to hide the twisted horns that protrude from my head, (although, the still poke through a bit as they are quite long.) I have to wear spandex beneath my clothes to hide my tail. I’m a goat; a beautiful goat. I sat back down on my couch, turning off the TV I grabbed the book from the bookcase, I read through it, I had a bookcase full of books, I wasn’t even sure which ones were there. Most of them were about Chinese zodiacs, heh. I have a thing of buying books, along with having to search for these special books I just love to read.

I’m inquisitive, kind and I normally have a positive outlook on life. Also, I’m quite lucky, but seeing as I found it wasn’t fair I stopped buying scratch cards or playing the lottery. When I become angry, I normally go silent about it as I am more a flier than a fighter when it comes to arguments.

I remember the other people, Criss and Kacey, Skyler and everyone else. For a while, I had gotten used to being on my own. But suddenly I missed them. I had Criss’ number; Kacey was in form last time I knew. I looked to my phone that sat on the bedside table across from me, should I ring them? No, no, I’ll be okay.

Will I? I haven’t found a book yet and my powers are a little out of control from time to time, I would like to talk to them, see how they’re getting on. But, I’ve been fine till now, as long as I stay calm, don’t think about my power and I’ll be fine. But what if they’ve found one of the books? I do miss them.

No, yes, no, yes. That’s all that goes through my head for the next half an hour. Then I finally decide, I pick up my phone and search through my contacts, deciding to phone Criss. But my finger hovers over the button for a little while before I finally press it.

“Yes, umm, Criss, this is Alice. I haven’t spoken to you in a while.” I murmured, a wave of relief washing over me as he answered. I’m glad I wasn’t an outcast.

The End

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