Kacey: Home, Home with.... a Dog?

I walked down the street, with the wind blowing against my hair. It felt nice to finally get out of that nasty old vet's office. I've never been sick before, and I don't think I ever will. I'm a golden retriever and I've seen many owners pass and many owners go, but my current owner is actually one of my oldest friends, his name is Criss. It sounds like Chris, but it's spelled C-R-I-S-S. Haha. Yeah, I had a hard time remembering that too.

I've been in my animal form for centuries now, and Chriss has been my owner for about 10 years. He's half Ox, and his fiance is... Skylar. They were separated after their last encounter with Kelly, the 'cat lady' is what she's best known for in the Phantom family.

Our family has been separated twice now. Once during the time when we were all enemies and fought each other and the other time was when we had to search the for the books. We've never really been a family ever since then though.

"Come on Kacey. Time to go home," Criss called to me as I obediently followed.

I barked at him a couple times and jumped on him like a dog would. I've always been color blind. I don't know if It's because dogs are said to be color blind or if it's because it was just a trait, but I am, but everyone treats me the same and that's wat I like about them.


When I got home, I whined and stared at Criss. For the first time in forever I wasnted to change back into a human and feel my toes.

"What is it Kacey?" Criss bent down and petted my head and used his ability to read my mind, "Oh... That's a first," he said shocked, "Well don't do it now. I gotta go get you some clothes for you. Haha, don't want you running around naked." he smiled, but I just growled.

"Kacey, you know I'm just kidding," he smiled that smile that showed wryness and tiredness so I just licked his face and barked, "Haha, okay. I'll be right back!" he shouted as he left the apartment that we lived in. I jumped on the couch and got the T.V. to work. I wasn't really watching it. I was just zoned out. The only reason I wanted to change back into a human was because I had a feeling that something bad was going to happen and I wanted to see if my powers still worked and so I would get used to walking and talking because I haven't dome that in centuries, but for right now, I had nothing to worry about because... well, I'm just a dog.

The End

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