Alice: Black Retrospect

My name’s Alice, I’m a dropout from school and work in a local Asian restaurant. I pushed my hand through my hair; I had short hair that was always spiked up with about a hundred hairstyling products. It was black, just a base colour for whatever I was going to dye it next. I was currently behind a glass wall, turning rice into onigiri and packing them into neat boxes. I had a knack for making Japanese sushi.

I owned an apartment above the store; after all I owned half of it, it was handed down in the family. I had odd eyes though, they were bright silver and I don’t mean grey I mean bright, molten silver. I sighed; after all ten boxes were made I gave them to the customer that was waiting patiently on the other side.

Then I followed the customer out, flipping the sign round so it said closed. I then threw my apron on the side and ran upstairs to my apartment. There I flicked on the TV, stuck a pizza in the microwave and flicked on the kettle. My TV was automatically set to MTV and as the songs played out I began singing to them.

I was a rock chick, a wild child, a girl with nothing to lose and wasn’t about to gain anything either. I dropped out of school because I was a nuisance; from there I learned various martial arts and also how to control my sharp tongue. My parents then died and I got this place, “the golden pond,” which is in the China Town part of, well, town. Nothing interesting ever happened to me, didn’t think anyone will. I have no friends, I did have but she left me. Boyfriend tally also equals nil.

I took the pizza out of the microwave and tore into it, collapsing onto the sofa with the remote, over 300 channels and nothing on. Great, just great, so, leaving it on the music channel I began to think. I thought of everything that had happened, I used to be so good in school. I was a gymnast, extremely bendy, agile. I still was, I just no longer participated in competitions. I want that life back, but I didn’t know how to get it. Then I saw it, the dye on the table. It was of bright silver, there was a platinum blonde beside it. I dyed my hair, the back spiky bit was bright blonde and my straightened fringe was silver. It was perfect and matched my eyes wonderfully. All I wanted now was my old life back at school.

I walked into my bedroom and opened the cupboard. My old sparkly spandex was still on its coat hanger, blatantly staring at me. I want my parents back. I want my life back. I flopped down onto my bed. “Or I want something completely new.”

The End

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