Ash: The Real Skylar

The next few hours went by slowly, and me and Skylar got closer and closer. She told me stories every fer minutes to help calm me down when the knowledge got too overwhelming.

"Mkay," I said looking at the clock, "Do you mind if I take a shower? Then we can try and interpret some more of this book."

"Yeah, sure. I'm gonna call Keesa while your doing that. I've gotta tell her about today or she'll be begging to hear what happened, so take your time," she smiled and pulled out a phone and began to dial a number.

I found out today that Keesa was half tiger and Viper was half snake. Sky, the name Skylar told me to call her, said that Keesa had been with Viper and had been for over 100 years! You would have thought that they would have gone out or something, but they haven't. Their just... 'inseparable.' Whatever that meant.

I stayed behind to see what Sky and Keesa would talk about, but Sky was cleaver. She started talking in a whisper so I wouldn't hear.

After about... 3 minutes I gave up trying to listen. I just went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I stared at myself in the mirror and suddenly had a flashback.


I saw myself, or what I thought was myself, and I saw Sky. I was just a little kid. It was just like what Sky had told me. She was taking care of me... and there was a man beside her. He was... very beautiful with blond hair. I was guessing it was Ox because he was beautiful, always a family trait, and had little horns that stuck out of his head. They were playing with me, their eyes with the loving kindness of a mother and father.

Then, the scene changed. I saw Sky and the Ox, but instead... they were running. There was a monster, that was big and furry. It's eyes gleamed with anger and it's arms were stretched out. The darkness didn't really help with the scariness, but yeah. They ran and ran, but... suddenly the Ox stopped and yelled something at Sky. She stopped a little way ahead and started to cry, but then she kept running. I didn't go with her. I stayed with the Ox to see what the creature was, but I couldn't get a clear view of what it was, but then, the Ox held a sword. He charged at the monster and I saw what the monster was.

It... was a cat. The ugliest, biggest, weirdest car I've ever seen! I screamed and then I found myself in front of the mirror. Sweating.

I quickly jumped into the shower, hoping that all the bad memories would just wash of, but they were like leaches... stuck to me.

I came out of the shower in my P.J.s and saw that Sky was zoned out on the couch looking out the window. She looked at me and smiled, "Hey, you look like you had a nice shower," she patted the seat next to her and continued, "I ran to the... well, actually Jay did," she nodded to the guy in the tux, "He ran to the store and got some movies. You wanna watch something in particular?"

"Ummm... nah. You?" I asked, trying to sound as normal as possible without bringing the dream up.

"Hmm... I dunno," she reached into the bag and grabbed a random D.V.D. and played it. It was Mama Mia. So we spent the last hour er two watching it, or at least I did cause the next thing I now I'm sleeping on the floor with a blanket over me.

I sighed, "Comfy," I said quietly, and I could have sworn I heard Sky laugh.

The End

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