Keesa: Viper

Viper's been different ever since that morning. He hasn't left my side. He's stayed with me more often, and he's taken intrest in all the things i do. My morning walks, I usually find him in a tree along the rough cut path on our families acreage.  I'm worried somethings wrong, when he came out that morning I could smell his fear, I could hear his heart beating faster than i could run transformed, and I could tell in his eyes that there was something bothering him.

I was going to ask him, ask him right now. I climbed up slowly to the roof, where he sat to catch the last of the suns glow before it sank beyond the horizon. His long frame was outlined in a hue of golds and pinks, light purple caught his hair so it looked more of blue than of black.

"Hey Keesa, what are you doing up here?" He hadn't even turned around.

"Um, well i was sorta wondering," Ask him come on just ask him! "if . . . you wanted the last slice of blueberry pie." I couldn't get the words out. I realized  I liked having him close to me and i didn't want it to end. He turned.

"Sure! That sounds great, but i'm going to wait for the sun to go down, you know how it is." He smiled. My tail twitched. Before I knew it I was sitting next to him, and we were watching the sun go from its gold to a new firey red that lit up the sky like it was saying it's final goodbyes to us.

The End

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