Viper: Nightmare or Omen?

I woke up in a cold sweat... Thank god it was all a nightmare... Ever since I learned what happened, I've been feeling uncomfortable, but now this... 

In my dream, the great war of the clans began again, the great wars that tore the continents apart... They were fighting for the books and the power that lay within them. I looked on through the eyes of a fellow snake zodiac, but he was different-a warrior- I had seen his clan prepare for war... the tension and fear... But that was all gone- it was replaced by adrenaline, sweat, and blood. Through him, I slashed through my enemies, using two stilettos, dripping with poison. I jumped into the air and cut down a monkey and a bull zodiac, and then I stabbed both of my blades into a fellow snake zodiac... It was horrible..  the pain and moaning all around me, all around us... but I had made my poison well, and my cousin died painlessly. Two more zodiacs charged me- an ox and a tiger... I thought of Keesa.., but the warrior outside used his powers and forced them to the ground, genius- I would have never thought of gravity-manipulation that way. It made me sick. And then a blade sprang from my chest- I had been caught off guard... and a dragon zodiac stabbed me from behind... Now I felt the overwhelming pain... how, I wasn't even here? But the pain seared through me regardless... Everything was slowing down... This isn't right... We are all part of one grand family... Why is everyone fighting? Why? Was the power of the books that great-that all of this had to happen? I felt the blade slowly slide out of my chest... The pain now permeated my entire being... and I couldn't move... I felt myself grow weaker... The cries and moaning I heard were growing softer, I realized that the warrior was also weeping in silent agony... The fear of death and the unknown... So much from the dying warrior that I thought I would go mad... and then my eyes closed...

And that's when I woke up with tears in my eyes. I ran to the restroom and splashed some warm water on my face, trying to calm myself down.

 It was so horrible... Was that just a dream? Or was that an omen? No matter what, I have to prevent that from happening one way or the other...

That's when I made up my mind. Even though I hated violence, I would fight. To protect all that I cherished, all that I know, and above all, my family, even if it destroyed me, that is now my goal in life. I would have to grow stronger...

I stepped outside where Keesa was on the porch studying, in the sunlight... Ahh... the beautiful sunlight and the warmth... (Being part snake, means that the temperature has a physical effect on me much deeper than my cousins). Yes I will fight. In hopes of a brighter future.

But for now, I had to just keep my cool, and act like nothing happened. I don't think anyone else needs to know about this, as it would make them unnecessarily anxious. I looked around and saw Keesa looking at me.

"You okay? You look like something really bad happened." Keesa asked, curious. 

"I'm fine, just a bad dream. You need help with your homework?" 

"Yeah, problem 48... I really don't get it.. "


"Darnit! That's the fifth pencil I've broke today!" Keesa exclaimed.

"C'mon Keesa, keep your strength in check more" I chided gently,"Wait I'll get another one" and then I walked back into the study room and retrieved another pencil. I came back to where Keesa was sitting and handed the sharp pencil to her.

"Try not to break it," I said gently handing it to her, "And I thought you gave up on school, saying it was useless."

She gave me a look and started babbling on about how they taught useful things in the human world, and how some things were "meant to be" whatever that meant, but I still listened. When she was done, I said," Okay, okay, you convinced me."

I wonder whats going to happen... But for now, I'm content with my life... Just listening to nature in the sunshine.. This is where I'm supposed to be.


The End

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