Ash: Reading

So, Skylar was at my house, and my mom was just arrested for... 'stealing something' and I'm not stuck at home reading a book.

"I can't read it," I complained as we were both crowded around the book, "It just looks like some scribbles." I crinkled my nose because the dust was getting in my nose.

"Well, does it look familiar?" Skylar pressed on, "Anything you've seen before?"

"Well, I mean, It just seems so familiar, but it's just all a blur. I can't make the words out," I squinted my eyes and tried again, "Oh, wait!" I exclaimed as I thought I saw the letters C and an A, "I think I see the letters 'C' and 'A'."

"Do you really?" She sounded impressed, "Can you see if you can see the next letter? Is it a 'T'?"

"Chill, girl," I complained as I met her gaze, "I can't see it anymore. I just thought I saw those letters,"  I made a frustrated face, "My head hurts. I'm gonna go get something to eat. You want anything to eat?" I stood up and went into the kitchen to find something to eat.

"Hmm..." she thought, "I do believe I asked your mother to buy some pomegranate for me. Can you check to see if there’s any in the refrigerator?” She sat up and just started to stare at me for some reason.

“Yeah, sure,” I said as I reached the fridge, I started to ask the question that had been aching to come out, “How does my mom know you?” I started, “I mean I know all my mom’s friends, but I don’t know you. Not to be rude or anything,” I added quickly.

“Your mom and I have been friends for many years. She knows all about whom we are and what we do,” she began to explain, “Did she ever tell you that you were adopted?” she looked at me and then looked back at the book knowing my answer, “Guess not. Well you were and you real mom and dad were the original guardians of the book,” she paused for a moment and started again, “They died saving the book and gave you to me,” she looked into my eyes, “I took care of you ever since you were 2, when babies start to remember things. Then I found your mother. She couldn’t have any children and knew you parents as well, so I gave you to her. We kept in touch after that and when you turned 15, we decided that it was time you had the book, and now that you have it, it’s your responsibility.”

I looked at her in disbelief and looked at her, “Nu uh. What?!” I said with my hands on my head.

“Umm… I just thought you deserved to know, but I’ll stop with this for now, but beware,” she said with an evil smile, “If you can take it that is. Now, where’s that pomegranate?”

The End

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