The Dragon: Phantom of the Lost Animals

Being nice to Ashley wasn’t really all that hard; she didn’t seem too shocked that we’d taken her mother from her. I asked her for the book forcing a smile so I wouldn’t seem so panicked. I didn’t want to freak her out.
“Why? I thought you were just gonna watch me and stuff. Who said I had to give you anything?!” she exclaimed.
She stared at me for a split second judging on what to say. She finally gave up and let out a sigh, “Follow me.”
I followed her to her room where she pulled out a satin case from her drawer. “You can have it once you explain to me what it is you need it for.”
I debated for a bit on whether I should tell her or not, and before I could give it another thought I blurted out,” Fine. If you must know, it holds many secrets that must not be let out. I need it to keep it safe. I am, after all the oldest descendent of our family.”
“Family?” she asked looking very confused, “Oldest? Descendent? I’m so confused!”
I sat down on the ground with my legs stretched out in front of me and began to tell the story I’ve known for so many years. About the race, and how it all began.
She laughed and gave me an odd look as if to say ’she’s has to be kidding but she looks way too serious’.
I didn’t respond. Hoping that it would somehow get into her head that it was all true.

“Okay, so say you are really here to protect the book. How am I supposed to know you’re telling the truth? How am I supposed to believe that you really are half dragon?!” she commented stubbornly.
She was really beginning to irritate me, but I decided that it was only fair if she got to know. I looked up at her and stared into her eyes. She would be part of the journey to protect the wondrous book, and I could see in her eyes, she was ready.
I brushed my hair back from my face and placed the red locks behind my ears. I wiped the skin tone make up from my whiskers and removed the blue contacts from my eyes.
She stared in disbelief. “You… you’re… so it is true. You do exist. You’re so… so… beautiful.” She finally said. Ha! I’d been waiting for her to say that ALL day!
Her response made me laugh. “You’re not too bad yourself, so about the book………”

“Oh yeah, here,” She handed me the elegantly glossed book from the bag. I studied the golden rim and smooth leather cover. It looked as if it had been untouched since I last saw it.
“Have you read it yet?” I turned back to the door, not needing a response. I’m sure; a young child her age would never spend her time reading an old thing like this.
“We can go read it in the study if you’d like,” she seemed interested now.
I smiled. The way she gazed into my eyes made me think of a young pup looking into the eyes of its owner. Unaware of what will happen next but willing to give it a try.
“Follow me,” she grabbed my hand and lead me back downstairs.
The End

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