Tiger: Two Secrets

I had just gotten off the phone with my big sister and the head of our family, Skylar. She had just arrived to retrieve the book and Ashley, but Ashley made it home first. She saw the cops we sent, she saw her mom being arrested and she wasn't supposed to see any of it. Her mom was now safe with us watching her in her jail cell, but we still needed the book and Ashley. Ashley is the only one who can use the book to its full potential. The only trouble is we aren't the only ones looking for it, hundreds of other families are looking to obtain that book, and most of them are willing to kill to get it. They don't know about Ashley's secret though, Ashley doesn't even know about it Skylar and I are the only ones who do. People have killed our family for the secret no one has been able to learn it, my mother was killed because of the cursed secret, one that is supposed to help us. That secret has been passed down from generation to generation of the Phantom clan, and now only two know the secret. Which is why im not alowed to leave the house without at least two bodyguards. But no, i just learned this secret four months ago, and since then i have been homeschooled on everything from mathematics to the history of the book. Human subjects and our subjects. The book has been in many families but none have been able to use it properly, but they still guarded it. We gained knowledge of the books whereabouts a few years ago and have kept it within our reach, by transfering her mom to the this city, and paying for Ashley's school fair. Hopefully all of what we did will finaly pay off for Skylar. Hope is the only thing me and the rest of the family can do.

The End

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