Ash: Getting Arrested?!

I ran home in a hurry, not know why, but that little voice inside my head just said, 'HURRY!!!!! HURRY HOME AND READ THE BOOK!' Yeah I know I'm weird, but that's what it said.

I got home in less than 5 minutes, but I still wasn't fast enough because when I stepped in... I saw why that voice was in my head. It was a warning. I saw two cops in our backyard talking to my mom.

I crossed over the lawn and stood there my my mom, "Hi, is there something wrong?" I said trying to sound like my mom.

"Um... Well, little lady, I think this conversation is between me and your mother," said the officer.

I looked him up and down and decided to go all sassy on him, so I said, "You know what? I'm living and I'm breathing. I live in this house and I technically pay for part of this house," which wasn't technically a lie because I worked at some restaurant over the summer and gave my mom most of the money to help pay off some bills, "So, yes, you sort of have to tell me," I finally said with my hands on my hips.

"Well, we were just about to arrest you mother because we found illegal drugs and stolen things in you house," he looked at me and smiled, "but since you were at school the entire day, as your mother claims, and it was stolen today, we have permission to arrest her," He continued to talk, even though I had a 'are-you-seriously-gonna-arrest-her' look on my face, "Since you are younger than 18 you will need to find someone 18 or older to take care of you while you mom comes with us," he looked at me, and then my mom.

"Could you give me a second to talk to my mom," I looked at the police officer, still a bit shocked that my mom had just legally been arrested, "Alone?"

"Sure thing, Missy," The police officer nodded his head and took about 10 steps back.

I turned my back to then and said, "ARE YOU CRAZY!!!!!"

"Ash! I didn't steal anything!" my mom said in a whisper.

"Then I'm dreaming cause that police officer said that you STOLE something!" I said as my hands flew up in the air.

"Listen, I can explain, but for now, just for now, I hired someone to take care of u. Her name is Skylar. She's 18 and she's gonna take care of you as soon as she get's here. Which is.... in about a couple minutes," she said looking at her watch, "Now, If you'll excuse me, I have to go to jail," she smiled and kissed me on the cheek and went into the cops car.

I watched as the car pulled out of the drive way and dropped my bag. I sat on the front porch thinking to myself.

What in the WORLD is going on?! Mom never steals things! And if she did... then what did she take? If she was really that willing to go to jail then it must have been important. And who the heck is Sky... Skylar??? Yeah, I think that was her name.

I looked up and the first thing that caught my eye was the fancy black limo. I slowly got up and walked over to it. The window rolled down, and I swear that it was a miracle that I didn't go blind. The girl that was sitting in the limo was so unbelievably gorgeous.

"Umm... hi," I said staring in awe, "Are you Skylar?"

"The girl stared me up and down several times and then said with a smile, "Yeah. You must be... Ash," she smiled again and continued, "I'm here because you mom was put in jail because she stole a The Book and I'm here to retrieve it."

The End

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