Keesa : Event Catalyst

I hung up. I got the message to her. Ashley, fifteen years old and she still hasn't been able to use her powers . She had the book that would unlock it all. But destroyed, the world would come to an end. Everything my family has worked for, would be for nothing.

"Keesa! Earth to Keesa!" Viper hissed. Viper's my best friend, he goes everywhere with me, no matter where it is. His firey sky blue eyes follow everything he sees with a burning gaze. His black hair is lightley dusted with red and freckles line his face.

"Sorry i was just worrying about the book. Five thousand years ago my ancestors couldn't put the family and her ancestors together, so how can we?" I sat on my bed and started wrapping my golden blonde curls around my finger and my green cat like eyes danced around the room, darting from object to object. My tail twitched this way and that in a sign of nervousness.

"I don't know but how will we if we dont try?" Viper's eyes were caring and thoughtful, I trusted his words.

"Well that is a good point but i wonder if they all know what they are. Who they really are. If they don't how would we tell them? They'd think we were crazy!"

"We'll cross that bridge when we get to it." I smiled, Viper's always known how to be calm and level headed in stressful situations. I don't know if it's been instinct or just staying strong for me. I'm strong, cunning and well balanced but i'm not very good about standing up for myself, thats been Viper's job, even though he's extremely shy. Ever since i could remember  I was teased about my eyes, tail or my uncanny sense of hearing and smell, but he was always standing right in front of me in a heartbeat scolding the kids who teased me. I know we won't always be able to be together but i hope through this we will.

The End

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