Phantom of the lost Animals (The books begining)

                        The sky has been very gloomy lately. The trees are unwinding from the forbidden valley into the secret garden.
The flowers that blossoms are black and crystal blue, they are so beautiful.....I couldn’t stop myself from picking one. I have been cursed and forced to leave my home down by the crystal pond which has now froze over. The others, too, well suffer for my mistake. But it was just so beautiful. The silver lining on the petals and the sparkle from the blackened rain dropped. The moonlight shined on it oh so perfectly.
 At first I just went to smell it, to get the scent of the forbidden valley, but I got to close. I could hear the whispers, its okay. Come closer, come, come, come......I snatched it of the fine branch and watched the droplets of water spill down the leaves. 
                         A great rush, a chill if you will, ran through across my scales, like a gentle breeze from the ocean. I felt power and tranquility.
I flew across the pond dragging my tail and watching the little waves spread across to each end. I flew through the sky, my scales shining brighter than ever before.
I twirled elegantly through the night sky feeling on top of the world. I could feel my energy increase, that is until I realized the sin I have just committed.
How could I have done such a dim-witted thing? I felt blind and over come with fear. I had to do something.
I zipped back to the tangled branches of the tree. I placed the blossom just so delicately on the stem of the newly grown branch. I felt better, almost fine. It’s just too bad that I forgot of the huge gusts of wind my tail makes when I take off.
The blossom drifted of the branch and landed on the surface of the pond making a slight wave that sent a black ice across the waters.
Now I’m lost. I was sent to a dream world where I may only escape when the darkness is destroyed. Help….
That last word stayed in my head. It was as if they made up creature were talking to me. I skimmed the rest of the pages, stopping at all the engraved pictures of a Dragon. It gave me chills and I slammed the book shut.

The End

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