Keesa: Crossed line

She finally did it. She crossed the line. Ashley had pushed the button that she knew would get me going. I changed, I was no longer that scared defenseless little girl that needed protecting everyday. I was stronger now, I could stand up for myself, I didn't need Viper there for me all the time anymore. I turned into my tiger form and lashed out at her, I scratched her arm, leaving a gaping wound. I was out for blood this time. I jumped at her, Stanton shoved me to the ground. He was faster than me, barley. But I was stronger, bigger, much more powerful. Sky would even had  hard time against me. I snapped back, my thoughts fading away, just anger now. "Why am I so angry?" I thought to myself, I had never been this infuriated in my life. But she had done it. she pushed me to the edge. I stopped and looked around at my family, looks of fear, and of disgust at what I had done were everywhere. I looked at Viper, and I saw nothing. I grabbed my bag, containing extra clothes, in my mouth and ran. This time I didn't stop, I didn't care where I was going, I just had to leave that cave. I managed to climb up the walls of the hole, and escape. The moon was full tonight too. As my paws touched the dew sprinkled grass, I turned white. My blue eyes glowing in the moonbeam dusted night. I kept going, I wasn't going to give anyone a chance to keep up, not this time. Ashley's teary eyed face flashed through my mind, but all I could think of about her, was her bloodied arm, and my bloodstained paw. 

I kept running, I ran 'till I could run no more. I padded along the shore of a lake. The moon reflecting off it, as it last rays became hidden by the pink painted sky.  I changed back, my ears and tail dusted with orange with hints of white. I slipped back into my clothes and kept walking. Rustling. Blood. My blood. I looked over at the arrow in my arm, and I knew where it had come from. The cat demon. We had been followed, and I knew who they were after. After all, I had her blood on my hand. With that last thought, a second arrow pierced my shoulder and everything was black.

The End

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