Vladimire: Scouting Report

"Our scouts have reported, Exulted Feline," the little demon reported. I had managed to transform myself into a large house cat. Being a kitten was cool the first time around, but now it only reminded me that I had lost a fight. I was glad that was over. Stretching my back a little, I nodded for the little demon to continue. "Zaspharous has been slain."

The news was too much for me; a cry that had nothing to do with a cat came out of my mouth. I transformed myself enough into human form so as to speak.

"Few mortal or even immortal beings are capable of killing such a heavenly creature," I replied angrily, the thought of a fallen cat always getting to me. I paused a moment to collect my composure. I thought about Zaspharous - part cat, part lizard. What a lovely combination!

"If they encountered old Zas," I stated out loud, more to myself, "then they are headed for China."

The little demon thought I was talking to him, for he replied, "I don't know, but that seems reasonable." After glaring at him, he continued, "I'm sorry. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

At first I was just going to send him away, but a thought occurred to me. "Yes, fetch me my book. There is some reading I need to do." 

The End

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