Kyle: The Next Stage of the Prophecy

I was in the middle of a good book when the words in my head and the words on the page weren't the same anymore. It had been a while since I'd had that sensation; it took me a little while to realize what it was. Eventually, I looked over to my left and saw a squirel holding an acorn.

I dropped the book as I transformed into my rabbit form. Though I could have talked to the animal in my human form, I always liked conversing with my brethern while in animal form. It was easier ... less translation problems.

Now, we didn't actually talk because, obviously, animals can't talk, but here's how the conversation would have gone if we were both humans:

"Mr. Squirel, I heard you calling to me. What is it?"

"There is news from the GAN." (Which, by the way, means Global Animal Network. Animals like abreviations just as much as humans.)

"What is this news?"

"The legendary cat-lizard is dead." At first I didn't know who the squirel was talking about, but when I asked if it was Zasphorus, the squirel continued, "Yes, that is the only cat-lizard I know of. Do you know of any others?"

I ignored the question. "Who did the killing?"

"A little human girl. The squirels thought that was funny."

The squirel continued talking, but by then I was no longer listening. The squirel scurried off as I transformed back into my human form.

"So, the next stage of the prophecy is happening," I mused out loud. Once everything came into focus, I realized I needed to join up with my family once more. I had no idea where they were. It was a good thing Viper gave me a cell phone for just such an occasion.

I looked for the phone for about an hour before I found it ... with a dead battery. Then, it took me another half hour to find the charger. As soon as I plugged it in, I turned it on and called Viper.

After getting caught up with what had been happening, I told Viper, "If I heard about this from the animals, I can guareentee that Vlad and his minnions know about it."

The End

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