Phantom of the Lost Animals

The Chinese Horoscope has been studied for years. Many different stories have been told, and many legends have been heard, but no one really knows what happened. Several books were recorded at this time and everyone wanted to get their hands on it. One of the many books were given to a young naive 15 year old and now that it has been given to her, only she can read it. The decedents of the animals. If the book falls into the wrong hands then the entire world will fall. The 12 animals aren't ali

School. The worst part of my life. We have to take 7 hours of it and then we have 3 hours of homework. It’s a butt load of work in high school. The teachers talk, we write. Teachers say ‘pop quiz’ and everyone goes “What?!” We do all this work and sometimes the teacher doesn’t even put the grades in! I can’t believe that…

“Ashley!” Mrs. Watson said, “Would you care to tell us what the answer to the question is?”

“Well Miss. My hand wasn’t up right? So that means that I wasn’t paying attention,” I declared, “If you haven’t noticed I’ve been staring out the window the entire time that we’ve been having class.”

“Well, yes, I know that,” she paused, “Which is why I called on you because…”

I cut her off, “Then what’s the problem?” I asked with a confused look on my face.

By this time, the whole classroom was staring and starting to bid on if I would press on or not, but I decided not to and to make up an excuse, “I’m sorry Miss. I’ve just been having a bad day,” I said as I began to slouch back into my seat.

“I understand that Ashley, but I would still like to see you after class is over. Now will you pay attention?” She turned, which gave me the hint that there was only one answer. Yes.


“Well, she didn’t really scream at me. She just talked to me about late work that I had to turn in because the semester was almost ever, ya know?” I said as me and my best friend, Kylee, walked home.

“Well, that’s nice, but I wasn’t talking about the ‘Mrs. Watson getting on to you’ issue. I was talking to you about the ‘this old man just gave you a weird book issue.’ Do you still have the book?”

See, here’s the thing. Kylee is one of those people who make straight A’s, is very athletic, gets good grades, gets all the guys, could fit in with the popular people, but chose to hang out with people like me, good grades, creative, and did I mention that she get’s good grades? Well she does. She has flawless skin and has perfect blue eyes. Her curls and dimples are always there which made her look unbelievably cute…

“ASH!!!” Kaylee was screaming at me now as she had her phone, “There’s someone on the phone that want to talk to you. It’s a girl and she won’t tell me who she is.”

She extended her arm to me and I took the phone, “Hello?”

“Go home and retrieve the book that was given to you,” said the voice, “If you don’t keep that book safe then the world will end. Please.” Was all she said.

“Umm… Hello?!” I said yelling at the dead line. I turned to Kylee and handed her phone back to her and said, “I gotta go home. I’ll call ya later today. See yas!” I waved and ran home with my bag.

The End

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