Mission Brief 05.0115

Having successfully helped the resistance fighters to plant a debilitating virus into the city central computer, the Phantom Hunters spent several more days recovering from their severe wounds along with the rest of the survivors of the droid uprising and their last desperate campaign. Unfortunately, the virus was slow to work through the system and the days that followed proved the most dangerous. Relationships between the team grew strained. But at last, the time came for a final battle with the droid armies of Cloud City and the Phantom Hunters led the main assault through the center of the military district. This was a diversionary tactic to buy time and draw attention away from the pilots who would take control of the port hopefully bringing the uprising to an end. However, the battle was risky, depending on the critical timing of the virus' final success. The team nearly lost several members before the droids finally succumbed to the virus and the victory was won.

Shortly after the victory over the droids on Bespin, the Phantom Hunters were sent to Cularin to arrange an alliance between the Metatheran Cartel and the Sprillious Corporation as well as to investigate the droid manufacturers on Uffel to hopefully discover how the droid uprising could have begun. However, before leaving, Chairman Sil’karith informed them that Almas, a planet just at the borders of the system, housed a Jedi Academy. It was suggested that if the team of agents, now wanted as fugitives, were to stop on Almas, they might clear their names of the preposterous charges laid against them as well as find out what had happened to Geldar’s master.

Thus, the team agrees to go, hoping also to retreive their ship, the Phoenix Moon, impounded on Darga Prime, while fulfilling obligations to Sil'karith who loans them a ship. But the team was unaware of the events that were taking place in the Cularin system. Intrigues, mysteries, and machinations abound in this system on the Outer Rim as thousands arrive each year seeking danger and excitement. All of them are oblivious to the ancient evil that is awakening to confront them all with the power of the Living Force...

The End

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