Shocking Rescue

“That did it!” cried Nyarchagga victoriously. “I set the power conduit in that sector to overload. It was a big one. It covered their escape. The sensors indicate their coming in our direction.”

“What about the three hundred droids between us and them?” asked Satchal who stood by the Dug in front of the newly powered up computer terminal.

“They seem to be thrown into confusion, and I was thinking of making it worse by using my bellow again.”

“No!” everyone cried at once, and the Dug snickered in amusement.

“How much longer until they reach us?” asked Geldar, nervously.

“Fifteen to twenty minutes,” the Dug replied. “I’m trying to see if I can connect with some other power conduits to help clear more pathways.”

“Do what you can,” said Geldar. “Kaz, any peculiar droid movement?”

“They don’t seem to be noticing us, Geldar,” the Wookiee replied, and so they waited for the longest seventeen minutes and forty-two seconds of their lives. When the first of the surviving soldiers came into view Geldar and the others cheered loudly.

Krastil was at the head of the group. “I don’t know how you did it,” he replied, “but whatever you did you’ll have to tell us about it later. Lead the way.”

Geldar and the others immediately complied, and they all began running out of the chamber and back towards the hideout. Satchal waited until the last of the soldiers past him, and he was relieved to find Ivanna at the rear. He embraced her for a moment, and she thanked him for it. Then the two took off down the passage after everyone else with Satchal half carrying his master.

The End

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