Captain Krastil's Last Stand

Ivanna slashed down another three droids that managed to breach the makeshift barrier they had erected but still more poured through. Another explosion shook the walls and sent her sprawling to the floor, but she was covered by Captain Krastil’s cover fire. He and his men continued to rain blaster-bolts into the gap in the destroyed section of the passage dropping droids like insects.

“That’s it!” one of Krastil’s men cried. “The last of our people just fled beyond sensor range.”

“Finally,” Krastil replied as he took the head off of another droid. “We’ll sit here for a moment longer and then fall back.”

“There’s really nowhere to fall back to, sir,” the officer replied. “All exits have been cut off. I think the droids have figured they lost the others for now so they’re going to concentrate on finishing us off first.”

“Don’t tell me it’s hopeless, cadet,” the captain replied. “I’m not about to give up until I’m dead, and even then I’m planning on taking out a few more.”

“So what are we going to do?” the cadet wondered hopelessly. “They’ve cut off every escape route with five hundred more in front of us and about three hundred behind us.”

“Ivanna!” Krastil called to her, and he had to do so several times to get her attention. Ivanna dropped back then and leapt over the barricade to take a moment of rest and to hear what he had to say. She did not speak but only fought to catch her breath. “We need a way out. You’re a Jedi. Can you think of something?” Then he pointed at the cadet’s sensor layout, and Ivanna only glanced at it as she understood what he expected.

“I’m…a Jedi…not a…technical person,” she replied as she noticed she had sustained a rather nasty wound to her forearm. Her robes were gone now, and her dark green combat fatigues were slit and charred from the wear and tear of battle.

“Well we need to think of something quick,” said Krastil. “The rest of our people have gotten away, and if you don’t want to die I suggest you help us out here.” Then he fired on another droid and it fell but got back up. Another couple of shots from Krastil and several others kept it down for good.

Ivanna snatched the sensor unit from the cadet angrily and shoved him away when he tried to take it back. Viewing the screen she fought hard past fatigue to orient herself with the map. When a precious few minutes had gone by Ivanna shook her head and threw the sensor back at the cadet. “There is no way out!” she yelled at him with a viciousness that caught the captain off guard. “We’re not going to survive this.”

The captain swore. “There has to be a way out of this. Give me that!” Then he dropped down behind the barricade and snatched the sensor unit up just as the poor cadet was reaching for it. He scanned it thoroughly looking at every angle when suddenly the wall blocking off the passage exploded at them with a deafening boom! They were all thrown to the ground as half of the barricade was destroyed and many of the droids flooding through were taken out as well.

Krastil wasted no time. “Fall back! Fall back!” he yelled with everything he had, and he took off toward the entrance to another passage behind them calling for everyone to follow him. “Hard retreat!” he called again, and he saw many of his troops rushing to join him, some getting cut down by blaster-fire.

Ivanna picked herself up and looked in the direction that the blast had come from. She dodged several blaster shots as her eyes focused on a powerful looking droid. It was tall and ominous military assault droid that looked more like a mini-tank than anything. It moved forward on treads, which made up its lower half, and it had many weapons extending from appendages of every sort. Ivanna made out what seemed to be a heavy repeating blaster, a cannon of sorts, a needler gun, a missile launcher, and 2 vibro-axes. A blue energy shield was powered up around it, and it seemed to sending out commands to all the others.

Ivanna rose and quickly followed behind the last of the fleeing troops as she attempted to draw the fire of the droids. The larger droid shot at her with its repeating blaster, and Ivanna managed to dodge only barely. When at last she was at the entrance to the next passage the droid army was only a few meters from her. Then, all at once, she stopped as she prepared to fight to the death in order to allow everyone else the chance to get away. With golden saber at the ready she met the first of the oncoming droids.

Then something totally unexpected occurred. Blue lightning flashed into the passage from a power conduit nearby. It exploded and brought down the entire passage once more on the droids sealing off all pursuit. Ivanna just barely leapt out of the way and avoided the destruction as massive sections of the ceiling crumbled down around her.

All droid activity suddenly stopped, and Ivanna shook her head for a moment to clear it. Ahead she heard the cadet shouting to the captain that all droids had suddenly frozen in their tracks. It seemed they were unsure what they should do. “Move while they are confused,” Krastil ordered, and they took off ahead of Ivanna without even looking back. Ivanna cursed and took off after them barely keeping up with the last of the troops.


The End

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