Escape Routes

They reached the top of the ladder and Geldar popped his head up to see if anything was in sight. Holding his glow rod aloft to allow some light to poor into the chamber Geldar saw that they were entering a large circular room with many exits. It was obviously a junction of sorts leading to many sections of the underground, and it was obvious that from here he and his team could easily lose the droids if they chose the right path and if they could get beyond the droids’ sensor range.

He made it the rest of the way out of the shaft and the others followed. “Now what?” asked Tso hoping someone had an answer.

“I say we pick a path and go,” said Kazzra’an as he held his weapon at the ready. “Any way could be just as deadly.”

“Can’t the Force help us decide?” asked Lialla hopefully.

Geldar shook his head. “The Force can’t do everything.”

“Especially when your not fully trained in using it,” added Brin’tac.

Geldar corrected, “Life forms I could detect, but droids I can’t. There’s no way of telling where they might be coming from or what the best route of escape is without the sensor devices or the map.”

Then Nyarchagga seemed to remember something. “Wait!” he chimed in. “I just remembered that I only took from Gnat’s memory the whereabouts of our base on a map of the city. I have it stored in my wrist monitor as well.”

Geldar was beyond excited. He rushed over to Nyarchagga and said, “Pull it up! Quick! Maybe we can figure out where we are and figure out the best way to get out of here.”

“Don’t rush me,” said the Dug, and he set to work quickly.

“At least we have a lot of avenues of escape,” said Kazzra’an, counting twelve different doorways.

“And twelve different ways they could rush us,” Tarrsk put in. “I don’t like being here. I say we move now.”

“This is a large chamber,” said Brin’tac. “It will be the easiest for them to find on the map.”

“Still,” said Lialla. “We should attempt to secure at least one entrance just in case.” And Tarrsk, Kazzra’an, and her all went to three of the doors to see where they led and to try to set up watch at each one. Tso, although nervous that he might suddenly encounter an armada of droids, followed their lead and went to another door himself to keep watch. Brin’tac, seeing that he wasn’t doing any good just standing there, decided to do the same, and soon almost half of the doors were being guarded.

“There,” said Geldar at last. “That should be the best way to go. We take the shaft leading east and head to this ladder which will take us up three more floors. I’m pretty sure that will take us to the streets above. We should be just on the outskirts of District Five and Two. From there we might be able to find a transport of some kind and shoot back over to District Four. From there we drop back below ground and make our way to the headquarters.”

Nyarchagga shook his head. “I have a better route. We pass through the ventilation system after we make our way down this corridor. Then we drop down through these maintenance shafts and into this storage unit. From there we make our way through this sewage pipe to this series of passages and down three more levels using this turbolift shaft. That will take us almost directly there, and we can bypass the droids if they are anywhere near where we thought they were before.”

“Let’s just hope we don’t lead the droids right back to base,” Kazzra’an put in. “If they follow us at a distance keeping us in sensor range we could inadvertently take them home.”

“Good point,” said Geldar, “but if we could just get outside of their jamming field we could send a message back to base and let them know we’re in trouble. If they could bring to us someone with some sensor units we’ll be back in business again.”

“We don’t have time to discuss this at length,” said Brin’tac. “I say we follow Nyarchagga’s suggestions. He’s pretty good with figuring escape routes out. He’s had years of practice at it.”

“Fine,” said Geldar, glad that he wasn’t being forced to make such a difficult decision on his own. “Then let’s move. Everyone follow Nyarchagga.” Then the group rushed through the passage next to the one Tso was guarding as they disappeared from the chamber.

The End

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