Satchal's Summons

Satchal knew something was wrong, and he tried to focus on what it was. He could sense that danger had come to both his friends and Ivanna. He tried desperately to sense where they were and what was happening when all at once a vision entered his mind. “Satchal,” he heard coming to him from a great distance. It was Ivanna! She was in trouble. He saw her surrounded by droids on all sides. He saw her golden lightsaber flashing around as she cut down another and another. All around blaster-fire flashed from both in front of her and behind. There were screams and explosions and then…

…Silence. The vision ended. Try as he might Satchal fought to get the image back, but he couldn’t. He then tried to focus his thoughts on his friends, but the most he could feel was Geldar in trouble. Curse his inability to master the Force! Curse his weakness! He jumped to his feet and grabbed his lightsaber. Whether anyone in the refugee hideout was willing to help or not Satchal Paige had to do something to help his friends. He wasn’t about to be the only one left alive.



The End

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