When it was finished they only stared at the final moment between the two in disbelief. “I feel terrible,” the Bothan said as he stared at the screen. “I feel as though I have betrayed the confidence of my friend.”

Geldar only hung his head in agreement. “Well I don’t,” said Lialla as she reached over and shut the monitor off. “You all look like you’ve just broken your mother’s favorite vase,” she said angrily. “Do you actually buy this? You don’t actually believe she’s as nice and wonderful as she’s got Satchal believing do you? You saw the way she threw him to the floor. She was on the verge of tearing him apart. The look on her face alone could have killed him. She’s a Dark Jedi, or very close to being one. Her display in there showed her true colors more than anything else could have. Her throwing Satchal to the ground with that look of rage shows that for a moment he broke through her pretend mask. He broke through to the Dark Side within her. She lashed out with the Force, Geldar! You know Jedi aren’t supposed to do that.”

“She does have a point, doesn’t she?” said Tso looking at Geldar. “Maybe she is just playing Satchal. She could be feeding him feelings that she wants him to feel. It could all be manipulation.”

Geldar nodded, but before he could say anything Kazzra’an interrupted with a very serious expression on his face. “We’ve got trouble,” he said in a series of grunts and roars. “I think the droids have led us down here. We’ve been duped.”

Geldar felt his stomach drop to the floor. “What do you mean?” he said, his eyes as large as Tso’s.

“The passage ahead has been riddled with deadly plasma mines all easily triggered by heat sensors,” Kazzra’an explained. “I just checked the sensors and noticed that the moment we came into this section of the underground the droids behind us have tripled their rate of movement to catch up with us. They’ve already cut off several of our escape routes, and by the time we could reach the last of them we’ll run right into them. What’s more I think they’ve picked up some friends, because our sensors indicate their numbers have nearly quadrupled.”

“What is it?” asked Lialla, fear obviously apparent on her face. “What did he say?”

Geldar looked at her as the dreaded words fell from his lips even before he could comprehend what he was saying. “We’re trapped.”


The End

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