Ivanna arrived at last at the shut down generator that the power conduit connected to, and her first thought was that she felt as though she’d entered a battlefield rank with the dead. All about she could see corpses lying some in pieces while others burnt so badly even their closest relatives wouldn’t recognize them. All were decaying, and the smell made the Master Jedi gag.

She pushed her way past the half-closed door and into the generator room. The machine was obviously damaged beyond repair, for there were blast marks everywhere, and a gaping hole was torn into the side of the generator itself. This was the scene of a final battle between sentient and droid, and the conclusion was the destruction of the generator. The ensuing explosion swiftly ended both leaving none the victor.

Ivanna reached the generator and examined the gaping hole and the power conduits above that had once linked with the massive machine. Most were now dangling loose, and she knew it was into one of those conduits that she had to go. Each one was large enough to fit a pack of Tauntauns in, but there were so many small cables and wires criss-crossing all around that it would be difficult for even a Jawa to squeeze through.

Ivanna climbed the destroyed machine and leaped an incredible distance to the power conduit she figured was the one she needed to go through. Catching a hold of some of the loose wires she only hoped that since the generator was powered down none of the wires would have any juice in them. She feared that they might be linked to another power source just in case this generator was taken off line, but she was pleased to find that they weren’t.

With great difficulty she shimmied in the darkness up into the conduit and felt her way along, deciding it best not to have her lightsaber lit just in case she accidentally cut a wire she needed to support her.

Once inside Ivanna found that the conduit was much easier to traverse. It seemed as though someone or something had already been through the mess nearer the entrance, and had cleared a path through the rest of the man-made tunnel. This was a good sign. It most likely meant that she was entering through a passage the refugees used, and that meant that she was likely to come across some of them soon. She tried to reach out with the Force, and was pleased to find that there were indeed a few life forms very near to her. She drew her lightsaber in defense, not wanting to be taken down by a nervous guard, and she zigzagged her way through until she suddenly found herself at blaster point.

To her surprise one of the guards at the entrance seemed unconcerned with her as he frantically fought to get around behind her. Before Ivanna could even question what he was doing he fired a shot of his blaster once and Ivanna saw, to her surprise, blue streaks of lightning spray all over a device attached to her robe.

“She was being tracked,” informed the guard to his partner, and the other swore. “Where did you come from?” he asked as he turned to her.

Ivanna was stunned as she pulled the device off her back. When she saw what it was she knew immediately where it had come from and who had planted it on her. She looked at the guard in the dim light of her lightsaber and his glow rod, and she said, “You can relax, officer. I’m Jedi Master Ivanna Zyn, and you are in no immediate danger. Perhaps I should explain….”

The End

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