Droid Patrol

“Something’s coming,” reported Tarrsk through a comlink. “I think we’ve picked up some unwanted attention.”

“We need to move our location and fast,” said Geldar. He was growing more and more nervous about their little scheme. He really hoped it would prove fruitful and they’d find out something useful.

“Which direction do we head?” asked Brin’tac.

“We need to go down the east shaft and into the next lower level,” replied the Trandoshan. “They’re coming from the west and moving into the level above us. They’ll be here in probably six minutes.”

“How many are there?” asked Tso.

“It looks like a patrol of about twelve,” replied Tarrsk. “We could take ‘em easily if they’re not assault droids or droidekas.”

“I don’t want to take any chances,” said Geldar. “Everyone pack up and move down the east shaft. We’ll head to the next lower level and keep moving one step ahead of the droids. We’ll keep moving until we’ve run out of sensors to plant behind us.”

“Right,” said Tarrsk, and within moments he was next to them with the others. While Nyarchagga continued to watch Ivanna’s movements the team fled down the east shaft and to the next lower level, sealing the upper hatch behind them to slow down the droids.

The End

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