Ivanna's Reconnaisance

Ivanna stopped for just a brief moment to catch her breath. She’d been using the Force to increase her speed so that she could cover more distance in a short period of time. Glancing around the passages in the dim light of her golden-bladed lightsaber she held up the transceiver she’d acquired from Avatar before leaving the hideout, and she saw that she was nearing the location where the signal had been transmitting from. Although everything was silent now Ivanna figured there was still a good chance that someone might be in the area and they were just afraid to keep transmitting. They wouldn’t want to attract any unwanted attention.

With this in mind Ivanna decided to use her other abilities to sense whether life was close. She closed her eyes and reached out with the Force. It was difficult for her, for she was not well-trained in such powers, but after some time she managed to focus her thoughts on a small cluster that radiated with life energy. There were individuals alive in the Military District, and though they were some distance from the place where the signal had gone off they were still close enough for her to reach them shortly.

The only problem was that her sensor pack indicated a large number of droids moving through the area between her and the place where she sensed the life forms. She would have to be extremely careful if she wanted to slip past them and get to the other survivors of the city. Pulling out her data pad with the schematic of the city stored in its memory banks Ivanna searched for the most likely place that the refugees might be hiding. Based on her calculations it seemed that they were most likely hiding in some sort of shutdown power conduits in the sub-levels below the air field. This meant that the only way to reach them while avoiding the droids was to travel even deeper into the city in order to reach the end of the power conduit. This seemed to be where one of the shut down generators was located near the very base of the city. From there she’d have to force an entrance into the conduit and work her way up several levels. It was going to be tricky, but she felt she could do it.

Stowing her gear back within the folds of her black robes she shot off through the corridors once more traveling deeper into the city.

The End

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