Gnat's Eye View

At last the Phantom Hunters arrived at a location within two miles of the hideout, and they felt comfortable enough to set up a temporary base of operations. They were in some maintenance walkway three floors below the surface of the city. There were three exits from the corridor, and Tarrsk, Kazzra’an, and Lialla were stationed at all three to make sure they would have an avenue of escape. Besides this they had placed some sensor units they took from the refugee hideout all around the area to ensure that they’d detect any droids that came without a mile radius of their location. So far these sensors picked up on some droid activity, but none of the droids seemed to be moving in their direction.

Nyarchagga quickly switched on his monitor, and instantly an image appeared on the screen of Ivanna’s legs moving so fast they appeared to be a blur. Nyarchagga blinked rapidly as he tried to figure out what it was that he was looking at. “Where’s her location?” asked Geldar as he, Brin’tac, and Tso all attempted to look over the Dug’s shoulder.

“She seems to be almost in the Military District now,” said Nyarchagga in an impressed tone. “I can’t believe she’s made it all the way there already.”

“Well at least it seems she is carrying out the mission,” said Brin’tac hopefully. He did feel bad that he didn’t trust Satchal’s new master, and he secretly wished that she would prove them all wrong.

Geldar met Brin’tac’s nervous glance and tried to calm his friend. He knew he felt the same as Brin’tac. The last thing they needed right now was a traitor. “Can you do anything to alter the image so we’re not staring at the ground rushing past her?”

Nyarchagga sent a command to Gnat, and the droid instantly swiveled so that he was looking up at Ivanna’s back as opposed to her feet. “Not much better of a view, but unless you want her to notice we’re watching her I think it’s the best we’re going to get.”

“It’ll do, thank you,” said Geldar, and he continued to watch intently.

The End

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