Mission Completed

Bright lights stung his eyes as he blinked repeatedly to clear his vision. “He’s alive!” Tarrsk cried as he helped Geldar sit up.

“Thank the Force!” came Brin’tac’s voice. For a moment Geldar didn’t know what was happening. He simply stared around him in bewilderment. Then he realized that it had all been a dream. The entire situation had been a vision he experienced while he was unconscious. He’d been shot by the droidekas, and now Tarrsk was reviving him by using medpacs. “Now hurry over here to help Lialla.”

“Ivanna needs help too!” came the voice of Kradlo.

“What’s happened since I was taken out?” asked Geldar, and Tarrsk quickly explained how they had finished the droidekas and were still continuing to guard the hacker while he downloaded the virus into the computer core. “Fine,” said Geldar. “Then just hurry and help the others. I’ll be fine for a moment.” Then he slid to rest his back against the computer terminal near him as Tarrsk went about helping to revive Lialla and Ivanna.

Was it only a dream or some sort of vision from the Force? Besides this was it a vision of the past, present, or the future? Based on the fact that he had affected his father by touching him Geldar could only assume that the events were happening right then, if the vision was true.

Everyone was awake now, and they were all getting to their feet. Tarrsk returned to help Geldar and they all gathered near the final terminal. The hacker, the strange, dark-skinned Rodian with a mohawk, was downloading the virus into the final terminal. “Segoota nicacha kiramma,” he said, and one of the other officers with him said, “The last terminal has about two minutes to completion.”

“Fine,” said Brin’tac, taking command of the situation. “Everyone start heading back to the stairs. Once he’s finished with the last one we need to get out of here quickly. I think we should secure the stairwell just in case.”

“Good idea,” said Satchal. “I’ll come last with Ivanna.”

“You can go,” Ivanna said. “I’ll be fine. They need you at the front of the group.”

“No,” said Satchal just to her. “I don’t care if you are my master. I’m not leaving your side no matter what you say. I don’t know you very well, but I’ll be a mynock’s butt if I’m going to lose another master.”

She gave him a smile and nodded. “Fine. I see I have no real choice.”

Tarrsk and Kazzra’an were the first to the stairs with Geldar close behind. Although Geldar was weak he knew the safest place for him was right beside his friends. They were both in tip-top shape and would be the best at leading the escape. Following them was Brin’tac helping Lialla and Nyarchagga and Tso. Kradlo was next and Satchal and Ivanna brought up the rear.

Up the stairs they went until they reached the main floor. On their way they blasted the door mechanisms so nothing could enter the stairwell and attack the Rodian and his guards. Then, at the top of the stairs they waited until, after only a few minutes, the hacker was with them. Quickly they scurried across the main reception hall just in time to see droids returning to defend the building.

“I wonder why there weren’t anymore in the building helping the droidekas?” Tso asked, a bit suspicious of the ease of their mission.

The hacker smiled. “When we first entered the building I sealed all doors except the ones we’d need. Then I encrypted the codes so it would be difficult for the droids to crack. By the time they would succeed in either blasting their way to us or cracking the codes we’d be long gone.”

Tso sighed in relief. That explanation was logical, and thus it gave him hope that they might actually get out alive. Still, ahead, the droids were coming, and they would need to make a break for it if they wanted to escape alive.

Then, all at once, a speeder dropped into the street just outside the building. It was being piloted by Avatar, the leader of the survivors of Cloud City, and he was shouting for them to hurry. Sprinting to the vehicle the entire group dove inside as the speeder shot off into the air and sped down the streets away from the building.

“It won’t take them long to pursue,” Avatar told them over the roar of the engines. “They’ve already got some ships flying around looking for us.”

“But we’re not going far,” said a female human from the makeshift gunners turret. “You might want to get ready for another sprint.”

And just like that they dropped into the street once more after rounding several corners. Diving out of the vehicle they raced to an alley and dropped into a manhole. Into the sewers they fled following Avatar and the others until at last they delved their way deep into the heart of Cloud City once more. Once there they were finally safe within the small storage facility the survivors were using for a base. At last they could rest and recover having successfully completed their mission. Soon everything on Cloud City would be infected with the virus, and all of the droids would cease to harm anything living.

The End

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