Tormented Flight

So Kazzra’an had gone to the headquarters of Sprillious Corporation just that morning to find out more about the Metatheran Cartel when the droids began to go haywire. Now he was stranded in the sewers with no real idea where to go, and in such a desperate situation like this he now recalled a vision of his best friend betraying him. Why? It didn’t make sense. Was there some connection with his friend and the droids going crazy? Perhaps the chaos of the moment alone brought about the memory. Perhaps the emotion of fear and bewilderment caused him to recall that moment when he couldn’t comprehend why his friend would do such a terrible thing.

It didn’t matter. The only thing that was important was to run. He had to find a good place to hide, and sitting in the sewer wasn’t the right place. Any moment now droids could descend into the sewers to find him. Feeling alone and desperately unsure as to why he was on Bespin in the first place, Kazzra’an headed down the tunnel in the direction he hoped was the right one. Why didn’t you see this? he wondered as he thought again of Master Orruwarr. Why did you leave when this city could have used you the most?

He abandoned you, a dark voice told him inside his head. Kazzra’an was taken aback. What was this voice? He’d never heard it before. Was it some sort of dark voice within himself? He left you to die here. He knew this would happen, and he wanted to get rid of the useless Mad-Claw. He deceived you because he knew just how powerful you really were. He knew you could kill him. He’s nothing but a weak, old fool!

Kazzra’an shook himself. Where did these thoughts come from? He respected Orruwarr and trusted him. There was no reason why he shouldn’t. Orruwarr had done nothing but treat him with care and concern. He would never do such a thing. He forced the thoughts from his mind as he ran. He would never believe it.

But the thoughts came to his mind. Perhaps Orruwarr believed he was nothing after all. He hadn’t done anything really profound to aid Orruwarr the entire time they had been together. In fact all Kazzra’an had done was kind of be a nuisance. He had forced Orruwarr to stop on Rios to help fix his face and hand. He had helped out against the assassins on Calin II who had tried to keep them from learning about Gluug Corporation, but Orruwarr had done so much more in the fighting than he had. On top of that Rios had been his idea.

But since recovering you have done nothing profound, the dark voice returned. You’ve been useless. Orruwarr fed you those lies about him heading into darkness just so you wouldn’t try to come with. He wanted to get rid of the worthless Mad-Claw.

“NO!” he roared loudly, and the echoing of his roar bounced off the walls of the sewer in every direction. At that moment he realized two things. Not only did he have some sort of split personality but that split personality also managed to just coax him into revealing his location to any droid within a mile of his location.

And it wasn’t long before something responded. Kazzra’an had gone but six yards before suddenly a patrol of military droids came at him from down the tunnel ahead. Ducking down a side tunnel he ran as fast as he could with the droids right behind. The moment he found a ladder up to the streets he took it, and before long he was racing down a darkened alley as the sun’s peak just dipped below the surface of Cloud City.

The droids were not far behind. With sensors now on full alert they had no problem tracking him. Over a fence he went and down another alley until he was in the street a block over. Two flying droids were coming in his direction from his left, and his bowcaster quickly took out one. They were simple surveillance droids with no weaponry or shields, and one shot was all it took to take them out. Before the first even showered down to the ground in a cloud of debris and smoke the other was incinerated.

Down the street he went until he found a parked vehicle with the window smashed in. Kazzra’an jumped into it just as the military droids rounded the corner behind him, and he worked frantically to hot-wire it. It seemed to take forever to get the engine started as the military droids pummeled the speeder with blasterfire. Finally, as the first came within five feet of him the engine started, and he hit the accelerator hard.

The vehicle shot off like a rocket through the street as the droids continued to fire at him. Finally, he rounded a corner and left them behind, but it didn’t take long before he was discovered again. The droids obviously could communicate to one another, and a starfighter flew overhead dropping proton bombs all over the street as he swerved this way and that. Another pass of the starfighter brought another barrage of bombs, and Kazzra’an knew he couldn’t keep this up for long. The streets were already littered with vehicles and debris as well as dead bodies and broken sections of buildings. With the bombs dropping at him he would likely become an addition to the scenery before he reached the next intersection.

The starfighter past again and was turning around for another pass when Kazzra’an pulled to a fast stop and scrambled across the street into a building. As he did he was shocked to find himself staring into the barrel of a blaster rifle. At the other end, to his horror, he saw a Trandoshan with a wicked sneer on his face.

Another vision flashed before his eyes. A Trandoshan interrogator laughing in his face. He saw the Trandoshan stab him in the abdomen with some sort of strange wedge-shaped dagger. “Wraith wants you to have this,” he chuckled venomously. “He wants you to know what it’s like to be torn in two. Forever of the Light yet forever of the Night!” Then he laughed all the more and twisted the tool so it created more pain.

In that moment Kazzra’an’s vision past, and he found himself lying on the ground. The back of his neck hurt terribly, but someone was crying out to spare him. Kazzra’an looked up to find, to his shock and amazement, Geldar standing over him. “Kazzra’an,” he said to the Wookiee. “Is that you? What are you doing here? What happened to you? Where’s Master Orruwarr?”

Kazzra’an was just as shocked to see Geldar, but before any questions could be asked or any answers given they were interrupted by another member of their group, a Sullustan, who announced, “It’s a patrol! They’re heading this way.”

“They followed him,” the Trandoshan said shooting a scowl in Kazzra’an’s direction.

“The whole place is going to be crawling with droids now,” said a female human standing near another human dressed in Jedi clothing. “It looks like our time to rest is gone. We have to get out of here.”

And so it was that Kazzra’an was lifted to his feet by Geldar as the young Jedi said, “Give him back his weapons. He’ll need them to help us.”

“Fine,” said the Trandoshan that Kazzra’an now recognized as Tarrsk, the one Geldar had saved on his mission to rescue his mother. “As long as he doesn’t try to attack me again.” Then the weapons were thrown back to him, and for a moment they all paused wondering just what they should do to escape.

The End

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