Kazzra'an, The Mad Claw

When he awoke he found himself in Master Orruwarr’s hut built on a very low level of Kashyyyk. In fact it was seldom heard of that any Wookiee would build their home so close to the Shadowlands, but Master Orruwarr was an exception. He was perhaps one of the only Wookiees to occasionally travel into the Shadowlands even during the night when it was most dangerous.

Kazzra’an had actually heard of him prior to their first meeting. Most in his home village called him Old Crazy-Wook. Old Crazy-Wook was a story often told by the younger Wookiees, and it was one that his own brother loved to hear about all the time. The story always changed, but many would tell of the adventures of Old Crazy-Wook and later of his side-kick Outsider apprentice. “Lost in Shadow they fight to keep the terrible Great Sacred Beast and his minions from ascending to the treetops,” many a young Wookiee would say. “Discovering ruins long lost and battling beasts so strong and powerful they could devour an entire village with a single gulp Old Crazy-Wook and his Apprentice stood ever-vigilant against the tides of darkness.”

But Orruwarr and Geldar were not like the super-heroic individuals of legend. They were gentle, friendly individuals who seemed could never harm a tach rat- a monkey-like creature that inhabited the Shadowlands and bred like a rodent. Orruwarr and Geldar nursed Kazzra’an back to health, and he spent several months in their care. During this time Orruwarr informed Kazzra’an that he had an affinity for the Force, and that he was surprised that no one had noticed it before. Besides this he noticed that something wasn’t quite right with Kazzra’an, and it wasn’t just because he had been horribly burned on the left side of his face and on his right hand. He also suffered from a strange wound in the abdomen that left a jagged and nasty scar, and the discoloration of the left eye unnerved the Master of the Force.

So Orruwarr felt the intense need to help Kazzra’an remember those memories lost to him. From what he could gather from the surrounding villages Kazzra’an and his team had indeed vanished after going to infiltrate Trandoshan outposts in the Shadowlands. Chal’grahar, his best friend, was the only one that survived to tell the tale. He said the Trandoshans had killed everyone, and that he had been forced to flee or die. Same time later Kazzra’an was rescued when a large force of Wookiees broke into the base he’d been kept in, and they rescued him from the torture chambers.

But according to the story Kazzra’an had not been himself. The moment he awakened he saw his friend standing over him, and he attacked with such a rage he used his claws, an extremely dishonorable act in Wookiee society. Anyone who used their claws in battle against another Wookiee was considered to be so enraged that they had lost their mind. These individuals were called Mad-Claws, and they were considered unstable Wookiees and dangerous. Once he had attacked his friend he was sentenced by the Ritual Keeper of the village to wander the Shadowlands for the rest of his life, as was customary in their culture. It was said that Chal’grahar even stood up for Kazzra’an during the trial, but Kazzra’an attacked some of the guards trying to hold him. This gave further evidence that due to the torment he had endured he was no longer stable.

Some memories had returned to him of these events after Orruwarr had helped him gain a closer connection to the Force. He remembered Chal’grahar standing over him while in the Trandoshan torture chamber and asking him to join him in helping the Trandoshans. He remembered some dark masked figure standing over him as well some time later as he mocked him and tortured him. Lastly, he remembered attacked Chal’grahar in a rage knowing that his best friend had been the one to betray them.

Orruwarr had brought all this to the Wookiee leaders, and they began to investigate the matter closely. All evidence that would have convicted him, however, seemed impossible to come by, and Master Orruwarr was planning to look himself. However, a particular incident disrupted these plans before Orruwarr could really get involved.

In the meantime Orruwarr tried to see if he could get Kazzra’an some training. Being that the Wookiee was too old to begin training and believing that since he was a Mad-Claw he might be dangerous to the Jedi Order he was rejected. Although Orruwarr couldn’t train him, however, he told Kazzra’an that he could continue to teach himself the ways of the Force as long as he remembered to remain true to the Light. If he began to feel himself falling into the trap of fear, aggression or hatred he must then reject the ways of the Force and flee from it. “The Dark Side is a powerful destroying energy, and it can take even the best of individuals and turn them to evil,” he once had said to Kazzra’an, and the Wookiee remembered those words still. Since then, in spite of his feelings of betrayal and rejection he tried to desperately avoid hating his own people, especially Chal’grahar, and he wished to ever recall those memories lost to him to better piece together what had happened.

But Orruwarr would not help him further. As they were considering leaving Kashyyyk to take Kazzra’an to a medical facility on Rios to mend his wounds Orruwarr’s apprentice, Geldar, fled from the master’s home in pursuit of his Jedi mother, Kylarra. When Orruwarr returned from the incident he was changed. He’d found something at the Trandoshan facility that had greatly troubled him. With Geldar wanting to leave to tell his father of his mother’s death Orruwarr decided it best to take Kazzra’an with him in search of something he would only describe as “Urgent Business.”

So they left Kashyyyk and stopped first at Rios. There Kazzra’an received the treatment he needed so he could look as he did currently. When Kazzra’an asked why this was so important Orruwarr only replied that he needed the Wookiee as fully functional as possible to aid him in his quest. “Geldar has chosen a path apart from ours, but they will both end the same,” Orruwarr told him. “Though the journey is different the alternate path will lead him back to us soon. Both paths are rewarding, for they will produce different fruit that will aid us in our journey’s conclusion. We, however, must be ready to face the trials ahead of us.”

And so it was that they left Rios and headed for Calin II, a planet on the other side of the galaxy near Sullust. There Orruwarr said they were searching for some information about a shipping company that had been supplying goods to the Trandoshans during the conflict. Orruwarr believed they had some connection to a Dark Jedi he had encountered on Kashyyyk.

The results of their search on Calin II turned up a clue that led them to Bespin. According to the shipping records supplies that had been being shipped to Trandoshan space came from Gluug Corporation which shipped their supplies through Bespin. Orruwarr believed that Gluug Corporation was only a dummy name for the true enemy, but he wasn’t sure how they would find that out. After traveling to Bespin’s only civilization of Cloud City they discovered that Gluug Corporation didn’t really send anything through Cloud City. Some sort of other trade organization, known as the Metatheran Cartel, was the only trade organization that did any kind of business with them. Even though they were a rival of Sprillious Corp they sometimes did business for mutual benefits.

But then Orruwarr awoke from a terrible dream just two nights ago. Something drove him out of the hotel they were in during the dead of night. He could only tell Kazzra’an that it was something terrible, and that the Dark Side was growing ever stronger. A terrible evil was being unleashed in the universe, and if it wasn’t stopped it could consume the galaxy. Kazzra’an was to remain behind to continue his investigation of the Metatheran Cartel while he went on his own. When Kazzra’an asked to come with all Orruwarr could say was, “Another split in the path must be made, my Son,” he told him. “But our destinies will reunite again. Geldar, your brother, will find you soon. Tell him all that has happened, but tell him he mustn’t try to follow me. I go into a danger I may not return from, and if he follows he will be consumed by evil. Find out more about the Metatheran Cartel and its involvement. I will see you again soon. May the Force be with you.” And he was gone.

The End

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