Shadowed Memories

On and on he went through the sewers as the hellish echoes of destruction and death surrounded him. In the Force he could sense life forms being snuffed out, and suddenly, without warning, his eyesight became clouded as the sewer melted away and he found himself in the Shadowlands, the name given to the bottom of the massive forests of his home world. All around him blasters were firing, and he found himself strangely firing his own bowcaster. A Trandoshan popped up in front of him, and he fired, cutting the Trandoshan down with a single shot to the head.

Then a searing pain struck him from behind. He collapsed to the ground, and his vision began to swim before his eyes. He rolled himself over with a great deal of difficulty only to find his best friend, Chal’grahar, standing over him with a smoking bowcaster in his hands. “I’m sorry, Kazzra’an,” he roared. “You’ll understand soon enough.” Then he kicked Kazzra’an in the face sending him into unconsciousness.

The vision cleared and Kazzra’an found himself stumbling and shaking his head to clear it. He was back in the sewers, but he had no idea where he had gone. He didn’t know which direction was the way he’d come or the way he’d been going. Therefore, he stopped to try to collect himself.

The vision wasn’t the first he’d ever had, and he knew it wouldn’t be the last. Master Orruwarr had helped unlock some of his memories during the time he’d spent with him on Kashyyyk and since. The Jedi had told him that he was uncertain as to why those memories were gone to begin with, but he was certain that the Force was the only way to restore them. The more Kazzra’an learned of the Force the more he would remember of that time in his life that was blank.

According to what he remembered he was a warrior from the village of Worroroo on Kashyyyk. During the Trandoshan-Wookiee Conflict Kazzra’an remembered being sent on some sort of infiltration mission to the Shadowlands to discover how the Trandoshans had so easily set up outposts there and how they were able to break through Wookiee defenses to get fresh arms and supplies.

The next thing he knew he was in the Shadowlands surrounded by Kinraths, strange insect-like creatures that were about as tall as humans with six long, spindly legs like spiders. They were very dangerous, especially the Viper Kinraths that were all about him. He was swinging at them with a large branch, but the creatures were clearly unafraid of it.

One of the creatures lunged at him and attempted to end it quickly, but his branch sent it flying backward with a bruised head. At the same time, however, another two attacked from behind and injected him with their poison bites. He took a swing at them, and it was then that he had noticed that his hand was terribly burned and hairless. With no time to really consider what had happened he continued to swing about trying to keep the creatures at bay. The poison, however, would do him in soon, and he knew he was done for.

But none present were expecting an attack from behind. Suddenly, a great beast the Wookiees called Sacred Beasts, lumbered out of the underbrush and attacked the Kinraths with a vengeance. The creatures no longer thought of Kazzra’an as they turned their attention to the Sacred Beast. Seeing his opportunity to escape Kazzra’an shot off through the forest as fast as his legs could carry him. The poison continued to weaken him, but he pushed himself all the harder. Something was wrong with his left eye, he could tell based on the fact that his vision was blurring, and his sense of balance was thrown off. He stumbled and tripped over every branch and vine, and he suddenly found himself on the forest floor.

But then the Sacred Beast was coming from behind him. It appeared as though the Kinraths had either scattered or been little opposition against it, and it was still hungry for blood. Kazzra’an pushed himself to his feet and forced himself to stumble forward towards the nearest tree. Although the Sacred Beasts could climb the trees it was much more difficult for them than for the Wookiees, and Kazzra’an knew it was his only hope. He scrambled up the tree and climbed as fast as he could in spite of the pain he felt in his right hand.

Up and up he went not looking back, but the Sacred Beast was faster. Its three-clawed hands and feet dug into the massive trunk of the tree as it pulled itself upward after him. It looked much like a rancor except much smaller (about Wookiee height but about three or four Wookiees in width) with massive tusks jutting from both sides of its massive, razor sharp jaws. It was truly a terrifying creature, and it always hungered for anything it could get its claws on.

Kazzra’an still didn’t look back even though he could feel the tremors in the tree indicating it was pursuing him. Up and up he continued as his vision continued to blur more and more. He couldn’t see anymore. The poison was working its way through his body to his heart, and unconsciousness would soon overtake him. He felt his way upward as his sense of direction and balance began to fade. His life was ending as the Sacred Beast pulled itself up so that its jaws were almost touching Kazzra’an’s feet.

Then, all at once, the beast roared in pain after a whirling lightsaber flew past Kazzra’an to imbed itself into the creature’s head. The beast fell from the tree as the lightsaber flew back to its master higher up on the tree. Kazzra’an opened his eyes just enough to see some blurred image of a Wookiee descend to catch him just as he felt himself letting go of the tree and slipping into blackness at last.

The End

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