Phantom Hunters 8 - Death by Deception

Following the team's return to their newly patched-up ship and their escape from Hoth and in to space, the Phantom Hunters discover that they have all been labeled traitors of the Republic and are now known as a criminal band of mercenaries. Taken into custody on Cloud City, they finally find an opportunity to escape when the droids of the mining colony suddenly slip a gear and begin a large scale massacre and takeover of the city. Now it is a fight for survival in a sudden war zone!

Mission Brief 04.0228

Following the team's return to their newly patched-up ship and their reunion with the mercenaries of Daragald's Blight, Tso successfully pilots the ship away from Hoth and in to space. The ship, however, burned out its engines and was dead in space. Only a few systems remained keeping them alive. A droid ship from the Sprillious Corp arrived, and the two groups once again worked together, taking control of it. However, the ship was set for Bespin, and they could not program it to do anything but go there. The ship towed the shuttle to Bespin where they were arrested. The reason they were arrested and the charges against them are as follows:

"The Phantom Hunters have all been labeled traitors of the Republic. First the crime of Master Lo’s death has now been blamed on Satchal, who is considered a Dark Jedi of more power than any had really seen. He had masked his abilities and hidden them, fooling even some of the greater Masters. Some are even speculating that Satchal may have been the apprentice of Darth Maul and have entitled him Darth Bher Nagg Rouge. Perhaps the Sith threat has come to an end.

Tso has been labeled as an accomplice to Satchal’s murderous attacks, and has been accused of assisting Satchal in the massacre of his own crew and stealing the ship he was navigator of. Tso is wanted for crimes of being an accomplice to murder of Master Lo as well as Governor Creed and many others.

Brin’tac is said to have been tainted by Satchal’s Dark Side powers and to have aided him in the murder of Governor Creed. The Council of Jedi have even issued a statement to the courts regarding this matter stating that it was obvious to them that Satchal had been doing some sort of unauthorized training of Brin’tac in the ways of the Force in spite of the fact that they had strictly forbidden it. Although they did not sense that Satchal was evil they do not deny the possibility that his true intentions had been hidden from them. "He was always a troubled youth," stated Master Mace Windu. "It is not above the realm of possibilities that he may have been a Dark Lord and we just didn’t know it. We spent very little time with him since he has been traveling the universe with his master and Senatorial Aide Brin’tac Kyen’tir. Master Lo had even sent him off to an isolated planet to atone for some of his darker actions. However, this does, in no way, prove that he is guilty of these crimes. It is also possible, however unlikely, that someone like Senatorial Aide Kyen’tir may have been able to hide his tainting from us since his intentions with the Force may have, at the time we had met with him concerning such matters, been truly noble. If he was a Dark Jedi now, however, it would been impossible for him to have been one prior to our investigating his training. His tainting would have had to have been more recent, and we have no evidence of it."

Nyarchagga, a Dug from the Outer Rim, has had recent evidence arise stating that he was involved in several criminal organizations prior to his involvement with Brin’tac, Master Lo, and Satchal. They have now brought up charges against Nyarchagga for his involvement with such organizations as well as claiming that he, too, was an accomplice to the murder of Governor Creed as well as several others. Some are even speculating that Nyarchagga may have been aiding Satchal even before he supposedly joined with Brin’tac and the rogue Jedi.

Geldar Tharn is also considered a tainted follower of Satchal. After the Council’s last meeting with him many believe that Satchal made his true identity known to them. Using his Dark Side powers he tainted the Jedi and brought him to the Dark Side of the Force. He is also accused of being an accomplice to the murder of Governor Creed.

As for Tarrsk, he is merely considered a thug for Satchal’s purposes. Many are claiming that he is the bodyguard of Geldar and would follow him anywhere no matter what he did. Few disbelieve that if Geldar were to join the Dark Side that Tarrsk would aid him in whatever task he set for him.

Lialla is the only member of the group listed as not necessarily being a willing party involved in the murder of Governor Creed. Although she is still under suspicion and must stand trial most believe that this upstanding citizen of Naboo would have little reason to aid these criminals in any way.

Senatorial Aide Kradlo is considered a traitor to the Republic having conspired with the others in their crimes. He is said to have aided them in their escape from officials who were taking them to Coruscant for their trial. This is true also for the Mercenary Unit of Daragald’s Blight who is under suspicion of aiding Satchal and Tso in the murders of Tso’s crew as well as Master Lo and the family of Brin’tac Kyen’tir.

Other accusations have also been brought against all of these criminals including conspiring against the Republic, attempted murder of former Supreme Chancellor Valorum during the Zegmon Pent Uprising, blackmailing the Trade Federation into attacking Naboo (with Satchal taking the guise of Darth Sidious), and for being involved in the Trandoshan-Wookiee conflict (in which several Trandoshan leaders are stating that Satchal was indeed a key figure).

All of these criminals are said to be armed and dangerous, but according to a report from Senatorial Aide Vlagari of Kothlis they are all dead. During the fight against officials the mercenaries managed to rescue the criminals only to have Officer Shian Combs, the captain of the Republic Security Force taking them to the capital city, sneak aboard the enemy vessel and cause it to crash land on some desolate planet. According to the only survivors of the incident, mainly Senatorial Aide Vlagari, the ship crashed and it wasn’t likely that anyone could have escaped the explosion. Even if they did they would never likely escape from the hostile planet that they had crashed on. As of yet Vlagari and other individuals are not disclosing the planet that these said criminals have crashed on. If anyone runs into any of these individuals take extreme caution. They are considered armed and very dangerous. Contact officials immediately."

At this point the Phantom Hunters have become infamous, now known as a criminal band of mercenaries.

In as strange twist of events, the Droids of Cloud City, which make up a majority of the security forces, suddenly and thus far unexplainably, slip a gear and begin a large scale massacre and subsequent take-over of the city. During the confusion, both The Phantom Hunters and Daragald's Blight manage to escape, with the help of Ivanna. Using her considerable talents, she releases them and they fight their way free of the prison cell block where the two teams say their farewells and head in different directions and different destinies, fighting for survival in the war-torn streets!

The End

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