Escaping the Dark Lord's Wrath

At that moment the spirit of Darth Morkali shrieked in anguish and vanished as if he’d never existed. Immediately they could feel that the place was relieved of a great presence of evil, and the creatures of his will seemed confused and broken.

But then, all the doors of the facility flew open and a great rumbling could be heard throughout the cavern. The entire ground began to shake as a blast of heat flooded the room.

Immediately Ivanna knew what was happening. “Run!” she cried. “The volcano is erupting.”

“Satchal!” cried Geldar as he ran to get his friend, but Ivanna shoved him toward the entrance.

“I’ll get him. The Force will enhance my speed. You get out of here before the entrance closes.”

And with that said they did not argue. Geldar and the others raced out of the tomb and down the corridors as fast as they could back towards the entrance. Behind, Ivanna raced over to Satchal in a blur of motion. Picking him up she used the Force to speed her movement yet again and was out the door and down the passage just behind the others.

The main door was indeed closing and was about three-quarters closed when they arrived in the entranceway. It was going to be a close fit, but it looked as if they would all make it. Rushing through the door they threw themselves upon the snow banks of the volcano and paused to catch their breaths. The door closed and sealed shut behind them.

But the roaring of the volcano increased, and the violence of the shaking caused even Ivanna to jump to her feet in fear and take off running across the frozen wasteland. About a mile from the volcano they stopped to catch their breaths once more, but it was at that moment that the volcano exploded in a magnificent shower of lava, rock, and metal. The volcano’s eruption was so great that the metal could not contain the pressure of it, and the entire facility was blown to smithereens in a single moment.

The group fled in terror as the eruption of ash, rock, and fiery lava poured down the volcano and dropped on them from the sky. Across the slopes they ran as fast as their tired bodies could carry them. The night was over and the storm had already blown past while they were wandering through the halls of the facility and speaking with Ivanna, but the morning’s light was clouded out by ash and debris.

And then, all at once, they found themselves at the foot of the mountain where the ship had been. They had run four miles, and it seemed as if they’d run ten. Their hearts stopped. It was gone! They were stranded. The ship was nowhere to be seen.

“Hey!” someone called out catching their attention. Everyone glanced to the northeast and spotted someone running across the slopes. It was Jarith, the human scout of the mercenary unit. He was flailing and attempting to gesture to the mountain’s side. They followed his gaze and spotted, in the dim light, a piece of the ship sticking out of the snow. Without another word they raced towards it as fast as they could.

The earth continued to shake as the lava poured over the countryside and rained down on everything in the area. This way and that the group dodged to avoid the fiery coals that threatened to consume them. The climb up the mountain was excruciatingly long and painful, but in the end they reached the ship and pulled themselves inside. They had made it safely to the ship, but now the question was would they survive the eruption of the great volcano.

Everywhere the snow melted as if it had never been, and the entire area was warmed from the blast of the volcano. Lava flowed through the mountainous area until at last it had tired itself out. All about the lava bed spread around the mountain that the group was taking refuge on, and it seemed that they were on an island amidst the volcano itself. But then, as the cold winds blew through the area the lava cooled quickly, and by nightfall on the third day from their escape it finally cooled to normal.

The volcano in the distance then stood cold and dark, but it was crumbled and destroyed. Only half of its height remained, and it seemed that it had spent all the fury it had ever built up.

The End

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