Emissary of the Light

Satchal found the door that Geldar and the others had gone through some time ago, and the door opened without difficulty. Satchal made his way inside with lightsaber in hand as he crept along down the passages. It took him some time to find his way through the dark halls of the facility.

Suddenly, as he went down a side passage that led to a dead end, Satchal suddenly tripped on a loose stone and fell into the wall. To his surprise the wall fell open, and beyond a dark and dreary silence opened up to him. Immediately Satchal knew the presence of the Dark Side. This was a den of evil, and the Dark Side was strong here!

Satchal paused for a moment by the entrance and considered going in. Something was calling him. He could hear its voice. He wanted to go in, but another part warned him of great danger.

And then, Satchal’s thoughts turned to his master and memories of the Sith Temple on his home planet flooded his mind. This wasn’t just a chamber of darkness. This was the former home of some Sith lord. This was his secret inner sanctum.

Satchal fell back a pace and began to turn around to leave. There was no way he wanted to confront evil of that kind again. But as he turned around something appeared in front of him. Satchal fell back a pace again only this time in the direction of the entrance as his eyes beheld a terrible apparition.

The specter was none other than that of Morkali. During his battle with Trias Morkali had feigned his own destruction and had gone into hiding back into his inner sanctum with the rest of his foul mutations. Through the years he had kept his dark presence in the facility to keep Ivanna from totally cleansing it, and now he was reappearing to exert his dark will on those that had now found their way to him. With the presence of the weak-willed Padawan Morkali hoped to gain control of their minds and pervert them to the Dark Side. Then his will would finally be complete and the Dark Lords of the Sith from the line of Rivan and Morkali would once again rise and bring destruction on the universe.

But Morkali’s spirit had been greatly weakened by his battle with Trias, and his power was greatly diminished. This, however, would have been enough power to persuade a normal Padawan to the Dark Side, but because Satchal had grown more immune to the Dark Side through his constant resistance to it, Morkali’s power over him was utterly defeated.

For several moments Satchal held Morkali’s gaze as the Dark Jedi attempted to overthrow his mind with darkness. Then, all at once, Morkali gave out a shriek of anger and hatred that pierced Satchal to the core and alerted both Geldar and Ivanna to Satchal’s imminent doom. Then the dark spirit surged forward and like a gust of hurricane winds Satchal was blown back into the entrance; the door slamming shut behind him.

The complete darkness that Ivanna had experienced was now enveloping Satchal as dark creatures of all kinds came at him in the dark. It was all Satchal could do just to avoid being hit by the evil monsters, and he ran as fast as he could, stumbling in the darkness. All around the beasts attempted to corner him, but Satchal was now moving with all the speed of a panicked rabbit being chased by a fox. Satchal scrambled onto a massive statue of a Sith warrior, probably an image of Morkali himself in life, and he waved his lightsaber all around him to keep the creatures at bay.

Morkali’s voice echoed through the chamber maniacally. “Foolish boy! This is the pain that will be caused you for your rebellion against my will. Submit now and instead of dying lying a fool you will gain all the power of these beasts and the Dark Side of the Force.”

Then Satchal, with all his courage and the power of the Light Side coursing through him, shouted in reply, “The Dark Side has no power! It only withers and destroys all that it touches. That is not power. True power is the power to create and give life to others. True power is the power to take that which is dying or dead and give it life. That is what a Jedi’s purpose is. The Jedi gives life and purpose to others. They fight to defeat death and give others life in all its fullness. The Dark Side destroys life, but the Light Side brings it back and gives it meaning. True power, Dark Lord,” and this he spat out in defiance, “is only found in the Light!”

The Dark Lord laughed. “Then prove your power, emissary of the Light! Not even a master of the Light could defeat me.”

Then a creature leaped up to snag him on the foot. Satchal was caught fast and dragged to the ground where they all attempted to maul him to pieces. But now Satchal was one with the Force, and with swift, fluid strokes the creatures fell away from him in pain and anguish. Satchal spun around and cut another down, and then another. The beasts were attempting to recover their initial attack, but they were interrupted by another presence.

At that moment the door to the dark chamber opened and Ivanna and the others rushed inside. They had only found the entrance now because they heard the fighting from within. Morkali’s specter roared in hatred and commanded his creatures to attack Ivanna. Thus the beasts fled from Satchal and charged Ivanna with all their might.

This gave Satchal the opportunity he needed. Glancing around the room, now that the darkness was directed toward Ivanna and the others, Satchal saw the immense statue near him and heard the words of his master as if calling to him from a great distance. “The sarcophagus, Satchal, beneath the statue. Destroy it!”

Without further thought Satchal charged at the sarcophagus and with one swing of his lightsaber cut it at the knees. The massive structure fell to the ground with a great boom bringing the attention of Morkali’s spirit back to the Padawan. Morkali cried out in terror at seeing his sarcophagus exposed, and in that moment it threw everything it had at Satchal.

Satchal fell to the ground reeling from the death grip of the Dark Side of the Force as the specter used its powers to strangle him. Desperate, Satchal tried to drive his lightsaber through the sarcophagus, but Morkali threw him back against the wall.

But the exposed sarcophagus was all Tarrsk needed. He saw what Satchal was doing, and he figured there must be some sort of connection between the spirit and the body that lay beneath the stone. Dropping back out of the battle he pulled a thermal detonator, given to him by the supplies the mercenaries had on board the ship, and threw it right at the place the statue had stood.

The explosion rocked the tomb, and Satchal was caught in the blast. He threw himself to the ground to avoid the damage as much as possible, but a piece of debris smashed into the side of his head and knocked him unconscious.

The End

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