More Decisions

“Over time I have cleansed this place as best I could, but it yet remains a place permeated with evil,” Ivanna finished. “My master I buried near the entrance to the cavern where there was fresh dirt. I believe that Morkali and his followers used the entrance as sort of a garden to planet food where sunlight would reach it and the heat from the volcano would keep it from the harsh conditions of Hoth. Since his burial there anything that grows there is pure and good and in great number. Many animals come to graze upon it throughout the years, and it brings me some comfort knowing that in his death my master has provided life for others, including myself.”

“Kind of morbid if you ask me,” Tarrsk commented, but it was under his breath and only Geldar heard him.

“What about the traps and such?” asked Brin’tac.

“The trap is linked with the machine that generates the lava flow,” Ivanna replied. “I have knowledge in robotics but not in traps. I had programmed an astromech droid to disable the machine, but a maintenance droid has disabled him. I would have tried to fix him again, but I learned that the machine actually powers this station. If I were to disable it I would not have any energy to live on. I’ve always figured that I would destroy it before leaving.”

“Par’kiss might be able to utilize this machine to power up the ship so we can get off this planet,” suggested Lialla. “And we might be able to use the parts from this place to help patch the ship.”

Geldar, however, was not so certain. “I’m not sure I want anyone to figure out how this machine works. If Par’kiss gets a chance to look at it he might be able to figure it out. If that happens he might spread the word about it to others for a substantial price. I don’t trust those mercenaries.”

“He is right,” Ivanna replied. “No one must know about this machine even if it means that we do not leave this planet. The repercussions could be disastrous. Imagine a corporation of some kind getting their hands on that technology. They could devastate whole armies just as Morkali did.”

“Not a pleasant thought,” grumbled Tarrsk. “So what do we do?”

“The parts here may speed up the process of fixing the ship,” said Geldar. “I say we take what parts we can from this place and then destroy it as Ivanna originally intended.”

“I’m not sure I trust this ‘Jedi,’” Tarrsk hissed. “How do we know she’s not the Dark Jedi?”

“Because if I was a Dark Jedi I would have slain you already and taken your ship by force,” said Ivanna, her tone even and without emotion. “I wouldn’t have bothered to save you from the lava flow.”

“She does have a point,” said Brin’tac. “She didn’t have to save us, and she wouldn’t need us to acquire the ship.”

The others considered this for a moment, and all were silent until, suddenly, Ivanna jumped to her feet. Immediately following Geldar felt something troubling him in his spirit as well. It was as if someone was in danger. “We must talk about this later,” she replied, and she rushed out the door without another word.

The End

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