Still Alive

The lava surged down the passage right towards Geldar, Tarrsk, Lialla and Brin’tac as Brin’tac and Lialla stared in a trance-like horror at the oncoming death. Geldar was at the door with his lightsaber about to slice through it, but just as his blade was about to strike the door it opened. Without hesitation, Geldar grabbed Brin’tac and together with Tarrsk carrying Lialla they dove into the door. It closed moments after they were inside, and then the lava smashed into the doorway.

Brin’tac and Lialla both snapped out of their reverie as if they’d just awakened from a wonderful dream. “What’s going on?” Lialla asked in bewilderment. “How are we alive?”

“The door just opened,” answered Geldar, who was gasping desperately for air.

Lialla and Brin’tac both looked around them as Tarrsk and Geldar fought to catch their breaths. The light of the glow rods fell on a small, dark chamber made completely of plastisteel. A hallway led just to the left of the door as you enter the room, and it was large enough for them to walk two abreast. The hallway led on into darkness beyond what they could see, and there was no furniture or decorations of any kind in the area.

Because of everything that had just occurred, though, not one of them was ready yet to wander down that passage. All were quite shaken up by the rushing lava trap, and none wanted it to be repeated.

At last, as Tarrsk finally recovered from the incident, he stood to his feet and confronted Lialla with a terrible scowl on his face. “If you ever do something that stupid again I’ll tear you apart, limb from limb and toss your pieces into the lava as I run!”

“Easy,” said Geldar, trying desperately to calm his friend before pieces did start flying. “She was just as excited as we were. Any of us could have done the same thing, and she’s lucky to have escaped without losing her head from that blade.”

Tarrsk backed down, but his anger was still red-hot. It was, however, at that moment, that Lialla noticed Satchal’s disappearance. “Where’s Satchal?” she asked with newfound concern and fear.

“Relax,” replied Brin’tac, though he was quite confused still, and hurt, that his friend had left him there. “He escaped through the main entrance.” Then giving him the benefit of the doubt he added, “He’s probably gone to find help. He rushed out the entrance just before it closed.”

“Fled like a coward is more like it,” hissed Tarrsk. “I can’t wait to get my hands on him, too.”

“Relax,” echoed Geldar. “I’m sure he had good reasons. Now let’s not worry about him. He’ll likely have his own problems out in the freezing cold of night. We have to figure out where we are and whether or not there’s anyone or anything here.”

Deciding that he was right Tarrsk fell silent on that issue. However, he wasn’t about to let Lialla lead anymore, and he immediately took to the front. “I’ll guide us this time. You never know what we might come across in here.” Then moving down the corridor Tarrsk led them into the darkness as Geldar’s lightsaber and the glow rods lit the way.

The End

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