Satchal Lost

Satchal and Brin’tac sat at the entrance of the cave as they stared out at the night beyond. Both were thinking about the ship and their friends aboard. Then, all at once, the rumbling began to occur, and they both shot to their feet as they stared at the back of the cave in alarm. Rushing to investigate they came to the passage just as, out of the corner of his eye, Satchal spotted the entrance of the cave growing smaller. Spinning around he saw a massive blast door closing the passage off from the outside. Something dropped into the pit of his stomach, and a sense of dread overcame the young Padawan as he thought of being concealed inside the cave. He sped back to the entrance of the cave just as Brin’tac realized what was happening, and Satchal threw himself out right as the door closed behind him.

Satchal was hit with the sudden chill of the below zero wind, and at that moment he realized what he’d done. He’d left his friends all trapped inside. What had he done? What was he doing? Getting to his feet he ran to the entrance and fought to find some sort of release mechanism. Then, igniting his lightsaber, he tried to cut the door open. However, it was immensely thick, and the lightsaber did little to cut through it.

At last, after several moments had passed, Satchal slumped into the snow in despair. He was all alone in the darkness and cold of the Hoth night, and rapidly, unknown to him, the storm was coming in his direction.

Brin’tac, on the other hand, stood stunned as he watched his friend abandon him. He couldn’t comprehend anymore what was happening, and in his confusion he ran to the door and tried desperately to open it. As he tugged and pulled and the rumbling continued, he began to grow more frantic. All his efforts were in vain.

Then the sound of shouting brought him back to reality. Geldar and the others were screaming in alarm, and their voices echoed all around him. Brin’tac turned and rushed back to the passage to warn them that they were trapped inside. He reached the fork in the passage just as Geldar and the others rounded the bend further down, and at that moment Brin’tac beheld the rising lava behind them.

“Move!” cried Geldar in alarm. “Get out of the passage!”

“It’s sealed off!” Brin’tac yelled back as panic began to set in.

“Take the left passage!” Tarrsk ordered. His cool head in a crisis situation had finally returned, and he was thinking more like a soldier once more.

Brin’tac didn’t need to be told twice. He paused for only a moment to glance down the left passage, and then he vanished from sight. None of them wondered at all what had happened to Satchal.

The left passage was much more twisting and turning, and Brin’tac found himself fumbling around in his panic. Then, all at once, he came upon a solid, metal door at the end of the passage. Immediately he began to pound on the door and shout for someone to let him in, but over and over his poundings echoed uselessly down the hall. “Let me in!” he cried. “Please!” Tears were forming in his eyes and flowing down his fur-covered face. “Open the door!”

Then Geldar and the others arrived, and Geldar threw Brin’tac out of the way. Brin’tac spun around, and to his stark amazement and horror, like a moth drawn to a flame, he beheld the lava roaring down the passage after them. Staring in a complete trance he watched as the lava surged up to meet them. This was the end. They had gone through so much only to end here. The lava would sear their bodies instantly, and they would cease to exist. “Good bye, my love,” he whispered in the dark, “wherever you may be.” And then the lava smashed into the doorway, and they were gone.

The End

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