Lava Trap

Lialla and the others followed the passage until, all at once, it opened up into a massive cavern. To the left the ground fell away precariously into a hundred foot drop right into a massive sea of lava. The rock ledge they stood on was littered with large boulders and loose rocks. Smoke filled the ceiling and seemed to be draining out of the cavern through small vents at the top. The passage continued on along the ledge, where the ceiling was lower, right to another opening on the far side.

At this point Lialla paused. The heat in the chamber was nauseating. “Look!” cried Tarrsk in a hushed voice. They all turned to where he was pointing and saw, to their amazement, an open crate! Rushing over without thought, they investigated the scene.

There were definitely signs of life here, and the crate had the symbol of the SoroSuub Corporation. On top of that it showed very little signs of age. Tarrsk sniffed the container and informed them that there was a definite smell of food still in the container. He didn’t think it was very old.

“Let’s see what else is in this cavern,” Lialla suggested with excitement, and she stood and rushed through the cavern toward the other entrance to the cavern. As she went she scanned the area for more signs of recent habitation.

Suddenly, a snapping sound echoed through the chamber and immediately there came the sound of something whirring through the air. Instinctively Lialla dropped to the ground, and a split second later a whirling blade shot over her head and across the room to slam into the far wall where it sparked as the metal hit rock.

All of them froze, and for several moments they didn’t speak or move. And then, all at once, a great rumbling sound could be heard throughout the entire cavern. The ledge shook, and Lialla and the others clutched anything they could find near them to give themselves some sort of support. Then the entrances on both sides of the ledge began to close.

“Through the doorway!” Geldar cried as they left their places to hurry to the doorway they’d come through. Hearts pounding in their chests, they reached the door just as it ground slowly to a close.

Then, to their horror, the lava began to bubble and rise towards the ledge. Lialla fell back from the door and stared over the edge with eyes widened in complete terror. All mental capacity had shut down, and she was frozen in place.

Geldar, however, still had his head on his shoulders. He ignored the rising lava and pulled out his lightsaber. Igniting it he shoved the blade into the door and began to cut it open as fast as he could. Still the lava rose, faster now than before, and Tarrsk was growing more anxious with each moment. He wanted to shove Geldar to the side and do the cutting himself. Geldar, however, was calm as he trusted the Force to get them out of the dilemma.

At last, he cut a hole in the rock door large enough for them to squeeze through, and having Tarrsk grab Lialla they all rushed out of the cavern and up the passage just as the lava rose to the rock ledge and began to pour onto its surface. They ran as fast as they could, but the lava was right behind them.

The End

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