The Journal of Lialla Tane:

After discussing matters we felt that we should go to Darga Prime in search for this assassin whom we now know is named Wraith. Satchal was almost not allowed to come with us because he had been training Brin’tac without permission, but Brin’tac had convinced the Jedi Council to allow him to come. Now we are all traveling to Darga Prime to the city of Tican Oosta in hopes that at last the mystery of the murder of Master Lo and the kidnapping of Brin’tac’s family will be unfolded. We only made a quick stop at Coruscant to visit with Geldar’s father to tell him of his wife’s death during the Trando-Wookiee Conflict. He’s pretty broken up about this, but he is doing well in spite of the pain that is obviously tearing him apart inside. I only hope he and Satchal will be able to withstand the emotional strain of tracking down the murder of Master Lo and the one that is responsible for Geldar’s mother’s death.

The End

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