A Personal Memoir for Toban Tharn

We have just left Corruscant after a very dissapointing layover. After convincing my traveling companions of the necessity to make the stop so that I could finally make contact with my father, I was disappointed to find him unavailable, having returned to Kashyyyk. I am very concerned for him, knowing the volitile environment surrounding the Wookiee/Trandoshan war in which he is deeply involved, trying to bring peace to those two worlds. The details of his current involvement in that conflict are more than a little sketchy and I could sense a very real fear among his staff members. But beyond that, I am more concerned than ever for his safety after receiving the recent information from Savor Kibbs back on Naboo.

The dark jedi apprentice had mentioned a master who was behind ALL of the conflict that was currently going on in the Old Republic. He had specifically mentioned the war between Kashyyyk and Trandosha and had even hinted at other agents such as himself who were servants of this same mysterious master who may have had a hand in these events. If so, this Sith Master could be responsible for the death of my mother and, I fear, for my father as well if these events continue down the current path of shadow. In fact, I find that I myself am being swept into this storm of growing darkness as well and for the first time, I am forced to come to terms with my own mortality and the very real possibility that I may not survive my current mission.

Therefore, I have decided to keep this record of my travels in hopes that they will find their way into the hands of my father, Toban Tharn, the Corruscant Ambassador to Kashyyyk in the event of my death.

Side note: (Father, I understand that you have learned the news of mother’s death from other sources. Forgive me. I should have made it a greater priority to track you down immediately to tell you myself. For this there is no excuse. I have included a detailed account of the circumstances surrounding mother’s death from my own experience with her in those last hours.  Please know that I have done all I can to honor her sacrifice and to make you both proud. It is for these reasons that I am currently travelling to Darga Prime with a small unit of specialists. But in the event that my own pursuit for answers leads me to an early death, please know that I love you.)

The End

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